Goodbye to an SOS ROK Star: Sara

A year ago when Sig Flips the Table convinced me that SOS needed to grow and take on volunteers, Sara immediately came forward and stepped up to handle the tedious task of organizing a Pyeongtaek calendar. Honestly, you have no idea how complicated this is. Most information we find has no location, sometimes to clear times, and other times it’s simply wrong – plus most of it needs translated from Korean. The amount of effort it takes to find, clarify, simplify, and notify is shocking. Yet Sara never gave up. She kept working with me to find solutions, build better graphics, and create consistency. It’s been a challenge but it’s coming together and more information is getting to more people accurately and on-time. You can thank Sara for that.

In addition to helping with the calendar, Sara has worked to support South of Seoul, the community, and myself in ways that aren’t even quantifiable. She has been a sounding board, a cheerleader, a resource, and a confidant. Most importantly, she has been consistent and reliable through the stress and struggle of starting something as complicated as South of Seoul. Her joyful, positive spirit has helped motivate all of us to solve problems when might not have tackled alone.

We wish her every success as she moves on to her next adventure. We know that she will bring joy and light to where she lands next. Big hugs and best wishes to a true SOS ROK Star.