FREE! Fall Middle School Weekend Camp Retreat

Saturday OCTOBER 28th 09:00 – Sunday October 29th 17:00
Registration Deadline: October 10th
We told you guys we were working on another camp with the Pyeongtaek Youth Center and here it is! The planning and execution of the camp is once again headed up by the fabulous Mr. Kim and Ms. Eunice. These two have been phenomenal to work with. (Click here to read more about the first summer camp) 
This middle school focused camp will consist of fifteen foreign students and fifteen Korean students who will spend TWO fun filled days making new friends and participating in fun activities. The camp is all about the exchange of cultures with one day at a Korean facility to experience Korean culture, and one day on Camp Humphreys to learn about the US way of life.

This camp is free to attend BUT on day two we are going to need our families to participate in hosting an event on Camp Humphreys. More on that below. First, lets look at day one.
DAY 1: Pickups start at 9:00am

The first day, Saturday October 28th will be held at the very impressive MooBong Youth Camp that’s tucked away in the hills (mountains) of northeast Pyeongtaek. This camp is so beautiful, well maintained, and smells of trees and nature. We could hardly believe how lovely it was the first time we visited. They even have a coffee shop for volunteers and waiting family members. 
Activities will include such things as Survivor (paint ball), climbing, pottery and more. Outdoor activities may change depending on weather. Appropriate safety equipment and professional instructors are on hand to help the campers be safe and have fun while climbing and playing survivor.
The camp has a huge clean cafeteria that serves some lovely Korean food. We had the bulgogi and corn dogs when we visited. It wasn’t spicy and they allow students to serve themselves so they can feel comfortable taking what they like and leaving what they don’t.
FYI: For students who don’t eat Korean food or have dietary restrictions, there will be a microwave, mini fridge, and hot water available at all meals as well as milk at breakfast. Students can feel free to bring their own oatmeal, cereal, or instant meals.

The camp has clean traditional rooms that have a TV, mini fridge and private bathroom. There will be divided by sexes and sleep 5 to a room with a counselor to monitor them. There are no western beds for students. They will sleep Korean styles with a sleeping mat and blankets. It will be like camping outside… except inside with a bathroom and TV. If your child would like to bring their own pillow it’s completely acceptable.

DAY 2: Wake up, have breakfast, and head to Camp Humphreys

The second day of the camp will be all about showing the Korean kids how we celebrate fall in the US. Students will be escorted onto Camp Humphreys for a Halloween Party with games, costumes and community potluck, and to attend Fall Fest. (Once you are accepted more exact details will be sent.) The Public Affairs Office is helping us with this but it’s also where we all come in. This is our chance to give back. Families of attendees are asked to bring fund foods, volunteer, and help thing setup/take down. We want this to be fun, relaxed, and feel like home.

Treats include things like (but be creative):

  • pumpkin cupcakes
  • chips and scary looking dips
  • cookies that look like goats
  • anything weird and Halloween / fall harvest themed
We will also need some volunteers how can help with:
  • Face painting
  • Creating silly costumes
  • Preparing for the event
  • Cleaning up after the event 
  • Managing the games
  • Lending things to be used as costumes

We are also working with the PAO so we know we can all pull this off together. The most important part of day two is sharing what community feels like. Together we will create a welcoming space that is safe, fun, and filled with what we love about home.

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Registration Deadline: October 10th