Four More Temples around Pyeongtaek

About Buddhist History in Korea

Korea has a long and rich Buddhist history and is home to nearly a thousand temples. There are so many temples in Korea that I am constantly discovering more and more temples. Each temple compound is beautifully unique and offers a quiet refuge to meditate or seek peace of mind.

Korean Temple Etiquette

Before you go, read up on Korean temple etiquette

Jeongtosa Temple (Pyeongtaek, Anjung-eup)

Beautifully landscaped grounds, giant golden Buddha, large stone Korean Buddha of Medicine, 5 story stone pagoda, and a panorama of spirit statues. This is a true hidden gem in Pyeongtaek. 

Address: 경기 평택시 안중읍 서동대로 1785

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Myeongbeopsa Temple (Pyeongtaek City)

Nestled on a hill this temple feels completely in harmony with the surrounding naturescape at Deokdongsan Neighborhood Park. Admire the small temple, golden pagoda, and surrounding statues then practice walking meditation through the hills in the park. 

Address: 경기도 평택시 평택5로 203-6

Sudosa Temple (Pyeongtaek Countryside) 

Tucked away in the Pyeongtaek countryside near Pyeongtaek Port, Sudosa Temple has a large exhibit that shares the Great Monk Wonhyo history and teachings. The exhibits are in hangul so bring your favorite translation app or just enjoy the beautiful artwork. 

Address: 경기도 평택시 포승읍 호암길 58

Seoknamsa Temple (Anseong)

Located on Mt. Seoknasa sits in this traditional stonework temple with double pagodas and over 500 (statues). It is also a filming location for the K-Drama Goblin. 

Address: 경기 안성시 금광면 상촌새말길 3-120

There is just something magical and rejuvenating about temples, especially temples in smaller communities. Visit these and more temples in and nearby Pyeongtaek and you might be the ones people there!

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