Foundations of Pyeontaek Life: Acquiring Groceries

Welcome to your new life in Pyeongtaek. You have left your home culture and embarked on an exciting journey! The first step to success and self-care is learning how to meet your basic physiological needs, like how to buy groceries in your new environment!

Food is a Foundation for Success

Building a happy life in a new country requires us all to start at the bottom and build our way back toward self-actualization in a new cultural context. The foundation for this journey starts with learning how to efficiently meet our basic physiological needs.

Of course, you already know all this, but i’ts easy to forget as you struggle to find balance in a new city, new country, and new job. We want to provide you with a solid foundation of information that will help make your nutritional journey easier to manage in South Korea.

We have compiled a list of blogs that address both cultural complexities around grocery shopping in South Korea and where you can go to buy groceries in or near Pyeongtaek South Korea. Those living near Camp Humphreys and Osan Air Force Base may find these blogs especially helpful for navigating their new lives outside of the base walls.

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Culture Tip Blogs on Shopping for Groceries in South Korea

When you first start grocery shopping in South Korea it’s likely you will feel some frustration. You may not be able to find every fruit and veg that you have in your country. Instead, the shelves will be filled with items used to cook Korean food with occasional nods to foreign nations. This is to be expected when moving to a new culture. When you return home, you will find it hard to access Korean foods you learn to love while living here. This diversity sounds fun on paper but can be hard to emotionally get used to in reality.

In order to adapt to your new life, digging deeper into the culture shock surrounding grocery shopping may help. The following blogs may provide helpful insight into cultural differences and tools for navigating these changes.

Shopping for Groceries in South Korea

About shopping for groceries in South Korea

Shopping at Traditional Markets

Shopping for Groceries at traditional markets in South Korea.

Where to Shop for Groceries Around Pyeongtaek

Now you have armed yourself with more information about grocery shopping in South Korea. Here are many options for grocery shopping in and around Pyeongtaek.

Pyeongtaek Malls

Malls around Pyeongtaek

Pyeongtaek Big Box Stores

Big box retailers around Pyeongtaek

Pyeongtaek Neighborhood Marts

Pyeongtaek marts for buying groceries

Pyeongtaek Traditional Markets

Traditional markets in Pyeongtaek

International Food Marts

International grocery marts

Online Delivery Options for Groceries

If you don’t want to go out to shop, you can also have your groceries delivered.

Shopping for Groceries online in South Korea

Learning to Cook Korean Food

With all of the new ingredients that you’ll discover, it might also be time to learn some new recipes.

Online resources for learning to cook Korean food.