First Village Mall in Asan

First Village Mall in northern Asan near the border of Pyeongtaek offers outlet shopping and Ross Korea.

About First Village

First Village Mall is an outlet mall in Asan, with restaurants, kids clubs, a farmers’ market, and more. In the indoor mall, the 1st Floor includes Women’s Clothing, Outdoor and Casual Wear, a cafe, and Dinosaur World. The 2nd Floor includes children’s clothing and accessories. The 3rd Floor includes Men’s Clothing, Sporting Goods, a cafe, and Modern Village, for home decor, furnishings, as well as toys. The 4th Floor includes the food court, a restaurant, and a cafe. The food court uses a touch screen for ordering so get your Papago App or Google Translate camera settings ready.

If you want to check for sales and events, here are a couple of websites to check in advance.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

Outside of the mall, you’ll find restaurants, cafes, a bakery, pet stores, a convenience store, a small grocery store with produce from Asan farms, a kids club, and more clothing stores, as well as tents full of discounted items.

First Village Outlet Mall

First Village Outlet Mall5


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

SWIPE LEFT on the banner to watch a video and see if its a MATCH with what you like to do! It sounds weird to have to say say this, but these are not western stores. A lot of visitors are shocked when they go to a mall in Korea and its filled with products marketed to Korean people. We love it though and its worth checking out!

Hangul Address

대한민국 충청남도 아산시 둔포면 신항리 17-3

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

First Village Outlet Mall Location

Dunpo is bordered by blue here on Naver Maps

Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si exists on the northern border of Chungcheong-nam-do just below the southern border of Pyeongtaek. Dunpo-myeon includes the small town of Dunpo-ri and the larger town of Asan Techno Valley. It also includes a great deal of farmland and small housing settlements.

First Village exists in a rural area of Dunpo-myeon about 5 minutes drive from either Dunpo-ri or Asan Techno Valley. It’s a popular place for families to visit on the weekends.

Access and Hours of Operation

During peak pandemic times, the mall restricts entry to the main entrance only. The main entrance is at the crosswalk between the indoor mall and outdoor restaurants. Otherwise, there are a few entrances to the indoor mall.

Cultural Differences That May Exist

Depending on home country, some international shoppers may find the following experiences new and difficult to navigate at first.

Pay For Your Items Where You Find Them

First, unlike some of the larger malls, the vendors inside First Village mall may not be separated by dividing walls. Since you need to pay for your items by the vender, the lack of separation means that you need to pay extra close attention to where you pay. You want to be sure to pay for your items at the register next to you. You do NOT collect all of your items to take to any register altogether.

Differences in Brands

Each part of the world offers different brands. This means that many brands at First Village Outlet do not come from the west. This means international shoppers may not be familiar with the brands available and the brands may be sized and cut for Korean shoppers.

Differences in Sizing

Second, sizes are measured differently. Don’t judge yourself by the shift in size.

Women’s Clothing Sizes
Men’s Clothing Sizes
Baby and Children’s Clothing Sizes
Shoe Sizes

Parking is Free

Parking is free, which is awesome, and there’s a fairly large parking area with 3,000 stalls BUT, trying to find a spot can feel competitive if you’re aiming for a spot near the main entrance. First Village often features sales on the weekends and with only one entrance to the parking lot, you may have to sit in a little traffic.

Around the mall

On three sides of First Village Mall, you’ll find tents ot discounted clothes, shoes, and accessories. Great spot for large winter jackets and children’s winter boots.

French Village, includes European-inspired architecture and restaurants, such as Rosmarino Italian Restaurant, as well as a bakery, and cafe.

The small grocery store offers fresh agricultural products from farms in Asan. If you’re nearby, definitely stop by and support our local farmers.

Outdoor Village, includes a number of stores for your outdoor lifestyle.

Family-friendly aspects

As mentioned earlier, Champions kids club is located outside of the indoor mall, and Dinosaur World is inside the mall on the first floor. Dinosaur World includes Dinosaur shows on the hour, video games, rides, bounce house slides, sandboxes, and more.

Asan Dinosaur World

Champions kids club is a great space for active toddlers and young children. There’s a small drink and food area, kids potties and changing stations, as well as locker space. Much like the Champions at Starfield Mall in Anseong, you may leave your children for a limited time to go shopping.


Pet-friendly aspects

Pet Village, outside of the mall, is a large warehouse of pet needs, including food, harnesses, toys, and clothes. You can also find a section for cat entertainment.