Farm To Table Traditional Korean

Are you a foodie who thinks Pyeongtaek doesn’t really have much to offer?  Well, you are wrong and this place will prove it.  Tucked away in the hills behind a university, it will seem like you are lost just about the time you find this place.  Completely unassuming on the outside, inside is small bright space where reservations are often needed if you show up after 11:00am.  Many guests at this lovely destination come from far and wide to eat this exquisite food. 
The pictures in this blog do not do it justice.  You would think that I would have a zip drive full of good pictures because a) I go here all the time and b) the food is stunning.  Instead, however, I have failed each and every time to take good photos because I am too excited/overwhelmed by the food.  The presentation is just delightful and I get wrapped up in how lovely it looks and can’t really think about anything else. So check out these Korean food blogs to get a better idea of the awesomeness.

(Arg. Looking at the photos is killing me. Want – to – go – now!!!!!)
There are only two set options and everyone will need to order the same one.  They are between $14 and $18 if I remember right. To be honest, I am always thinking, “Here take all my money. I love this too much” so I don’t remember exactly what I spend. That said, I have only order the cheapest option because it’s always too much food and I’m not ready to level up.  The basic meal is something like 16 courses so pace yourself please.  Just when you think you are finished more is going to show up.
The food here is indescribable and everyone I have ever taken here has been in awe.  The flavors are fresh and each plate very unique.  If you are going with kids, there are also kids plates you can order like fried pork cutlet so that you can keep the best parts for yourself.
 Name: 산말을명가  
Address: 경기도 평택시 장안동 92-17
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