Helpful Facebook Pages for Pyeongtaek Ex-pats and US Military to Follow

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Why do local individuals, organizations, and governments run Facebook Pages for Pyeongtaek?

Pyeongtaek does not have an official local English newspaper, English TV station, or systems for sharing English language information with the international, English speaking community. Historidally, such a lack of official English information lead many expats in Pyeongtaek feeling isolated and unsafe which greatly impacted their mental and physical health. Thankfully, Pyeongtaek city has also been blessed by a community of people dedecated to solving this issue using technology, crowd sourcing, and community building. still need information related to living in Pyeongtaek, Pyeongtaek housing, Pyeongtaek shopping, US military life in Pyeongtaek, teaching in Pyeongtaek, shopping in Pyeongtaek, and other Pyeongtaek related questions.

Due to the overwhelming need for information to be shared in English within the community, a variety of local individuals, organizations, and government groups have created important Facebook Pages that share useful and critical information that you need to know. Follow these Facebook Pages to learn about life in Pyeongtaek.

Do I need to follow Facebook Pages if I am already a member of a few local Facebook Groups?

OMG! 1 million times, YES! Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages are two very different animals. In fact, it might be more important to follow key Facebook Pages than it is to follow groups since the pages offer first-hand information and groups are often like playing a game of “telephone”.

The manager(s) of each Facebook Page share information that you need to know about such things as safety notices, new businesses, community alerts, and so much more. Not only that, but the page offers you a way to connect The Facebook Pages are a critical source of regular community updates. Groups, on the other hand, are where people build community and relationships. Each has a different focus and purpose and provide access to different types of communication.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

Additionally, pages post easily shareable information that will bring value to the groups that you are in. Follow Facebook Pages and then share the important information you come across with others. When we live life in a foreign country, where we don’t speak the host language, sharing information is how we all live our best lives. Sharing is caring.

What Pyeongtaek related Facebook Pages are available and what communities do they serve?

Facebook Pages Related to Living as an Expat In Pyeongtaek

  • Pyeongtaek Insight: A Facebook Page managed by the Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation which is supported by the local government
  • South of Seoul: Our volunteer-managed Facebook Page that shares news, videos, recommendations, and more.

Facebook Pages for Those Associated with the Osan Air Force Base

Facebook Pages for Those Associated with Camp Humphreys Army Base

Various News Agencies

Universities, Schools, Academies, and Education

Migrant and Immigrant Welfare Pages

Animal Welfare Pages

Business Promotion Pages

Federal and Local Pages

Pyeongtaek Cultural Organizations Pages

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