Double Take: 4 Top Japanese Ramen Restaurants in P-taek

It’s only been a few months since we posted 5 Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Pyeongtaek, but since that time new restaurants have opened and we already have to redo the list. Quite frankly, things are so different now that we feel some of the others shouldn’t even be on the same list as these new shops because there is such a difference in flavor and presentation. Instead we decided to limit the list to four this time around. We still have everyone listed in the app, we are just highlighting our favorites. Try them all and add your reviews to the app!

1. Kwang Hoon Japanese Ramen
Shingang (Songtan SED), Pyeongtaek

First of all,  Pyeongtaek now has a clear leader in Japanese ramen and that’s Kwang Hoon located in Shingang (Called Songtan SED by the US military). These guys completely changed the game and knocked a few places off of our Top 5 list. Quite frankly, you wont be happy with some of the other options once you try this. From the rich flavors to the unique bowls and ordering system, they have worked hard to stand out from crowd.

The shop owner is also from Pyeongtaek which makes me happy. They aren’t a big chain or from outside the city. This is one of our own making the magic happen. It was actually through a shared friend that we found out Kwang Hoon had opened and within 24 hours lots of other friends started raving about it as well. That’s how a star was born.

2. Umai Ramen
Seojeongdong (Songtan City Hall), Pyeongtaek

The next spot is located in Seojeongri behind the Starbucks (which makes it pretty easy to find). The menu may be all in Korean, we can’t remember exactly, sorry if it is. Still worth going and just asking for Ramen. We actually tried both the ramen and another dish, both were excellent. Like SUPER excellent. We are so glad to have a delicious lunch spot for when we go to immigration next time.

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3. Higashi Ramen
Pyeongtaek Tong Bok Market
Hidden between a Japanese snack bar and the board game pub, this little gem has some excellent noodles and a few tasty versions. We HIGHLY recommend searching this place out even though it can be hard to find. They have a variety of broth styles that differ from other shops and we have been happy with all we’ve tried. This place is also so new at this point that they can’t even be found on Naver or any Naver blogs so go forth and lead the way.
3. Raku Raku
Pyeongtae City, AK Plaza Area
This has been a favorite in Pyeongtaek for awhile. A true neighborhood joint. The place is also super cute with tons of memorabilia and notes. Like all ramen joints in the city, there aren’t many seats. The owner is also really great. Our friend lost money on the floor and didn’t realize it. Another guest turned it in to the owner and he checked CCTV, saw it was my friend sitting in the seat, and when she came back many weeks later he gave it back to her. Basically, delicious food and great people.
Now it’s time to go try them all and leave your reviews in the South of Seoul app. Just go the app, open the listing, and click the star in the banner. You can tell us all what you thought. Remember to include useful tips like where you parked, if they had chairs for kids, or other details you found important. Reviews help us build a beautiful life together. One Star reviews with no explanation may be rejected.
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