Delicious Food For Lazy Foreigners

By Lanae Rivers-Woods, South of Seoul Volunteer

Sometimes things like leaving the house and putting on pants are just too much to ask. Just because we are at home with nothing to do, doesn’t mean we want to cook. Our heads are exhausted from figuring out a new culture, the language, building new relationships, and our jobs. We want to walk into the kitchen and have delicious homemade food waiting to comfort us. Sure we love many of the new foods we are trying, but when we are home we just need food that tastes like what we know. Food we can pop it in the microwave or steamer and get right back into our heated beds to read books and write blogs. We want to be MAXIMUM lazy.

Thankfully we live in a magical land called Korea that makes this possible. There are always different expats cooking up new businesses to keep our bellies full. Need homemade tamales to live? Done. Some sourdough bread? Yah, they ship that. Hummus or pita more your thing? They have you covered.  Even lazy vegans can find what they need. This is a short list of a few places that you can order your comfort foods from, delivered right to your door.

Stop putting on those pesky pants and put in your orders today! Then go tell all your friends. These businesses often rely on word of mouth to be successful. We just had Oh Mandu for breakfast. YUMMMMM!!!

These businesses are listed in the South of Seoul app in the Pyeongtaek Directory > Businesses > Food. Makes it easy order without having to remember their websites and Facebook pages names. We add to it when new places we like pop up. Happy eating and tell them South of Seoul sent you.

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France Gourmet
For all the fancy people who like to say charcuterie and make cheese boards. This company started as the first French sausage makers in Korea. They have grown and expanded to offer many imported items as well products produced in Korea.
Jack’s Bean
This the first hummus and falafel delivery in Korea. They used to have a shop, but now they are committed to shipping right to your house. 
Kebab Plus Food Truck & Delivery
First of all, they have affordable (for Korea) homemade pita. This is super hard to find so keep these guys bookmarked. Secondly, they also have a wide variety of delicious hummus flavors that ship right to your house.
Bob’s Bread
There isn’t a place in Korea who does bread better. Plus, sourdough. A great place to order a few times a month for that authentic taste of home.
Waeg Farm Goat Cheese
If you love cheese, then you are going to want to order some of this. It can be nearly impossible to find goat cheese anywhere else. It’s expensive, but it’s also right from the farm so who cares. Free shipping on larger orders. Cheese keeps well in the freezer. (No Cheese available Dec-Mar due to birthing season)

Sprout Meal Kits
Delicious pre-made vegan meals. Highly recommended for the busy person who wants to eat healthy.
Mogo Meal Kits
Delicious pre-made vegan meals. We were actually able to share one box between 2 people and feel full. They are hearty portions.

Oh Mandu
Chinese Fusion mandu with unique and classic flavors. They have free shipping if you buy over 40 (which we always do because they are AMAZING). Highly recommend the Chinese pork and Mexican flavors. They have vegetarian options as well.
Tamales In Korea
Trained Mexican chefs that ship the best, authentic flavors of Mexico right to your door. They have a wide variety of items beyond tamales so be sure to search their website. They do small batch and large batch orders. Everything is made to order. They have gluten free and vegetarian items.
Now it’s time to go try them all and leave your reviews in the South of Seoul app. Just go the app, open the listing, and click the star in the banner. You can tell us all what you thought. Remember to include useful tips like where you parked, if they had chairs for kids, or other details you found important. Reviews help us build a beautiful life together. One Star reviews submitted with no comments may be rejected. Please explain 1 Star reviews without being crude or profane. Simply explain the situation. For example: “the food was not fully cooked, the waitress never brought my friend’s food, and the taste wasn’t what I prefer.” Korea has strong anti-defamation laws so keep explanations clear and fact based.
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Why we do this:
We made the app to accompany the blog because it’s easier to keep update with current information. In the past we’ve tried keeping the information on the blog but it’s too hard for us to maintain the information in two places at once over time. Since we compile and write blogs around a full time jobs without compensation, we need to do it the most efficient way possible with as few steps as possible.