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Consider a Dangjin family fun day if you live in Pyeongtaek. It’s the perfect area for families. Here are my recommendations for a great day.

About Dangjin, South Korea

Similar to Pyeongtaek, authors and speakers may use ‘Dangjin’ to refer to either Dangin administrative district or Dangin City. When researching Dangjin you may want to clarify if either the administrative district or the city exists as the reference point. For this blog article, I refer to the Dangin administrative district as ‘Dangjin’.

Dangjin, in South Chungcheong Province, is bordered by Incheon, Pyeongtaek, and Hwaseong by sea, and Seosan, Yesan, and Asan by land. Its name means “Tang ferry,” and refers to the historic role of Dangjin’s harbor in connecting Korea to the other side of the Yellow Sea.

Since Dangjin is so close to Pyeongtaek, families may plan a day trip with lots of opportunities to socially distance themselves since most of these locations are outdoors. And, while you may need to plan for cold or hot weather, most of these locations may be enjoyed year-round.

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We recommend using Naver or Kakao Navigation apps when visiting Dangjin. Both Naver and Kakao Navigation have English

Current Air Quality in Dangjin

Air quality and weather change throughout the day. However, having an idea of what the air quality is right now can help make decisions easier. You can download the Air Matters App for your phone to keep current on changing air quality conditions throughout the day. You can even set up alerts.

Remember that air quality changes around Korea. It may be poor quality in one area and excellent elsewhere. Checking air quality can be a great way to choose where to go, what activities to do when you get there, and when to be inside or outside. It also can help you decide if you should purchase and carry air filter masks for outdoor activities.

Best Things to Do in Dangjin

Here are my top picks for the best family fun in Dangjin, South Korea near Pyeongtaek. These are activities that can be enjoyed by kids of many ages and I have been visiting them with my toddler.

Ami Art Museum

Ami Art Museum0


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A small and beautiful local art gallery.

Hangul Address

충남 당진시 순성면 남부로 753-4

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Many rooms of year-round floral art

Travel Notes: Opens at 10 AM and has a cafe on the property. Unfortunately, there’s no food at the cafe but if you’ve already had a bite to eat and just need a refreshing drink, the cafe is a comfortable resting stop. During high COVID-19 numbers posted signs and the staff will remind you to keep your mask on, even while taking pictures. Adults are W6,000; Children under 2yo and elderly over 70yo, W4,000.

While the museum is open year-round, it may be more enjoyable during the Spring and Summer months. However, since there are many open spaces, the museum gets cold during the winter. Additionally, the courtyard, which has a large open space for playing and running, will be more lush and green. That said, you can admire the art exhibits, including the floral art, during any season. So if you are planning a winter trip dress accordingly.

Samseonsan Arboretum

Samseonsan Arboretum0


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Gorgeous gardens.

Hangul Address

충남 당진시 고대면 삼선산수목원길 79

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

suspension bridge at Samseonsan Arboretum

Travel Notes: Twenty minutes from Ami Art Museum is Samseonsan (or Mt. Samseon) Arboretum. Definitely one of my favorite arboretums for hiking as there are many peaks to take in the scenery. There’s a small greenhouse, a suspension bridge, and many different types of playgrounds for different age groups and climbing difficulty levels. You’re welcome to hike barefoot and you’ll find feet cleaning stations as well. We could easily spend hours at this arboretum alone.

Agroland Taeshin Ranch

Agroland Taeshin Ranch4


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Spacious farm land with many activities for kids and outdoor lovers. Playgrounds, large open spaces for running, petting zoos, water activities, and a restaurant. Next to camping site.

Hangul Address

충남 예산군 고덕면 상몽2길 231

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Wooden animal playground in Taeshin Argo Ranch

Travel Notes: In Yesan, about 30 minutes from Samseonsan Arboretum is a large, family-friendly ranch. Great place to stop because there’s a cafe and restaurant on the property. They also have many petting zoos and playgrounds around the ranch with a variety of farm animals and ostriches, which we didn’t expect. Also large spaces for the little runners and many photo zones.

Just 5-minutes away is another comfortable cafe, Gallery Cafe, on Myeoncheon Reservoir.

Sapgyoho Skate Park

Sapgyoho Skate Park2.3

An easy skate park that can get overrun by non-skaters during the summer.

Hangul Address

충남 당진시 신평면 운정리 213-1

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Playground at Sapgyoho Marine Park

Travel Notes: If you’ve worked up an appetite at the other locations OR would prefer to have family fun that is closer to food options, Sapgyoho has a theme park (Sapgyo Land), a circus (World Art Circus), skatepark, playground, large grassy areas for running, and it’s surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Only 20 minutes from Argo Land Taeshin Ranch and 30 minutes from Samseonsan Arboretum. Bring bread or shrimp chips if you want to feed the birds.

Where to Eat and Caffeinate

Dangjin Matjip Blue Crab

Dangjin Matjip Blue Crab 0


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Hangul Address

충남 당진시 송악읍 신복운로 173-1

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Travel Notes: Excellent place for crab and seafood. This is a Korean seafood restaurant so expect it to be a bit different than what you expect from home.

Travel Notes: Cafe with a lovely view Sapgyoho Lake [Naver Map]

Road 1950

Road 19504.8


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Museum-like cafe thats great for coffee, lunch, dinner with scenic waterfront views and all around picture taking fun. Kids not allowed on the second floor.

Hangul Address

충남 당진시 신평면 매산로 170

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Travel Notes: Epic cafe and great location for brunch or snacks. Expansive sweet and savory bakery options, a train for the little ones, and full of beautiful picture-worthy spots both inside and out. Families should know that the cafe does not allow Kids on the second floor.

Six OClock Cafe

Six OClock Cafe4.5


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An epic waterside cafe.

Hangul Address

충남 당진시 신평면 매산로 174

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Travel Notes: Six O’ Clock Cafe, next to Road 1950, has the same views but often less crowded.

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