Ceviche 210

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Update: August 2018 and we are still in love with this place.

Goodness, where do I start. About a week or two ago I posted some photos from Sabor Peruano, which is a Peruvian restaurant in Songtan that I’ve enjoyed for years. It was always a lovely break from what was a mostly Korean diet. Still, I’ve only gone a few times a year for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. Even though I always enjoy it and I love South American food, I’m not driven to go back every month. Maybe it’s the decor or the fact the hours didn’t work with mine, but I never became a regular.

When I posted my most recent meal, which I had enjoyed just fine, a member of Pyeongtaek Restaurants & Things to Do said that they had enjoyed Ceviche 210 even more. “What is this Ceviche 210? Where did it come from?” I asked. How could I have missed the fact there are TWO Peruvian restaurant near my house?

Well, it turns out that it opened while I was on holiday in the US in late August and I somehow walked right past it during my last “new restaurant” walk in Songtan.  What a mistake. I’ve been missing out for months now.

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Ceviche 210 is adorable and delicious. It’s owned by a hard working family who have obviously poured their heart into the space and the menu. Their sauces are perfect: not overly salty or spicy or greasy. After taking my first bite I started to – rather unattractively – shovel the food in my face. It was so good. I just wanted to eat.

Here is the thing though, I think it’s so good that I’m distracted by that fact. I can’t objectively tell you who will like it. What I can say is that I went early and the place filled up quickly around me. The other tables were ALL talking about how they have been there multiple times, tried multiple dishes and loved all of them – so I know I’m not the only one with an immediate addiction here.
As far as I’m concerned, this is – hands down – the best foreign food in Songtan. Once again, this is my personal opinion and I expect others will have different ones. I haven’t tried the new Brazilian Grill yet, but I don’t know who they could be better. This goes right to the top of my list and I wish I was eating here again tonight except that I have dinner plans at MANNA the Kitchen so I think I’ll survive.*** This listing and all other restaurants reviewed by South of Seoul can be found in the South of Seoul app which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. ***


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