5 Reasons Romanized Korean Addresses Suck

Honestly, we don’t have a nicer way to say this. We LOVE Hangul addresses but the Romanized Korean addresses sucks and makes life harder in many situations. In order to truly navigate Korea, you need the Korean address written in Hangul. We know that’s frustrating but it’s the truth and the struggle isn’t talked about … Read more

Getting Your Korean Driver’s License from Scratch

Hello, I am an English educator from the United States living in rural South Korea. Recently, I went through the testing process for my South Korean driver’s license at the Yongin Driving Center. I thought it might be helpful to share my story. I can only speak from my experience here, some testing sites might … Read more

Detailed Information Regarding the Korean Expressway and HiPass System

Unfamiliar with the Korean expressway and HiPass system? We’ve got your covered. Making the most of your stay in Korea means taking advantage of every opportunity to travel.  For most trips that are over 2 hours away, OR when driving into Seoul, you may encounter at least one toll along the way. Setting up a HiPass … Read more

Couples YangYang Weekend

Grab your loved one and head to the east coast for a romantic getaway! Check out our recommendations. You don’t want to miss this trip. You feel new after a visit to the east sea. Grab your special someone and pack your bags for YangYang, an outdoor lover’s paradise. YangYang, Gangwon-do is located between Sokcho … Read more

Navigating Korea: Using Naver Maps

How to use naver

Is navigating Korea stressful? Try using Naver Maps. Let me give you quick tutorial to help you get started. Additional South of Seoul Blogs Related to Map Apps South of Seoul volunteers recommend that you do as much research and reading on using maps in South Korea as possible. Learning to use South Korean map … Read more

Nav App Hack: Phones not Address

One of our main goals at South of Seoul (SOS) is to empower our readers and users to explore Pyeongtaek on their own and share the things they love with others. This sounds easy, except that the language barrier and maps issues make this far harder than it should be. How in the world do … Read more