Intro to the US Military Virtual Welcome Packet

South of Seoul (SOS) volunteers welcome you to the US Military Virtual Welcome Packet. Our information applies to life that happens beyond the bases. How are the Welcome Articles Curated? SOS Volunteers associated with the US Military curate the US Military Virtual Welcome Packet for South of Seoul. The SOS Volunteers group information with the most … Read more

US Military: Connect to Life in Korea with Your FRC (aka ARC)

This blog is a rough overview of how US Military personnel may use a Korean Foreign Residency Card to make life easier in South Korea. The following blog is not an in-depth look at each US Military personnel’s unique situation based on their own moderating variables. Please message us at with any details that … Read more

US Military: Getting Your Foreign Registration Card (FRC) in South Korea

While this blog is to help US Military members and their families get a Foreign Registration Card, this is not a US Military affiliated blog. South of Seoul independently researches and documents situations related to different foreign groups in Korea. We do not speak for the US government or the Korean government. We speak to … Read more

US Military: Banking in Korea

Here are some things that individuals associated with the US Military may want to know about opening a checking account in South Korea. About Banking In Korea Like banking systems around the world, Korean banking is designed for the people of South Korea and Korean social systems. Much like the United States does not allow … Read more

All Expats in South Korea Need the 1330 App

You may have heard about 1330, the Free Korean Tourism phone number that offers support in a variety of languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Malay. But did you know that you can freely use this service to support your ex-pat life in South Korea? That’s right, you have access to a … Read more

Detailed Information Regarding the Korean Expressway and HiPass System

Unfamiliar with the Korean expressway and HiPass system? We’ve got your covered. Making the most of your stay in Korea means taking advantage of every opportunity to travel.  For most trips that are over 2 hours away, OR when driving into Seoul, you may encounter at least one toll along the way. Setting up a HiPass … Read more

The Challenge of the Language Barrier in Korea

What is a language barrier? Before we jump into the challenges of language barriers, we need to understand what a language barrier is. There are several definitions for language barriers that essentially say the same thing. For the purpose of this article we will use Google’s Oxford Languages Dictionary. According to Google’s Oxford Languages Dictionary, … Read more