Understanding Types of Mental Health Services in Korea

Psychiatry, therapy counseling, and life coaching are distinct yet often confused approaches to personal development and mental well-being. Navigating such distinctions among these terms and services can feel confusing if not frustrating, but you are not alone in that. To better understand these differences, we must grasp the fundamental definitions of each term. This blog … Read more

Where to Get a CPAP Device in Korea

Are you living with sleep apnea or another sleep-related breathing disorder in Korea? Chances are, you may be familiar with the common sleep apnea treatment of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). Managing a chronic condition can be intimidating, especially in a country where the language and medical system may be unfamiliar. Read below for information on how to find a CPAP machine in Korea.

Mammograms in Korea

Living in South Korea and needing a mammogram? Learn more about taking care of breast health and finding clinics in the following blog post. The following article contains actionable support for finding resources across Korea. Listen to the BlogCast Don’t want to read? Listen to the South of Seoul BlogCast which provides accessible content through … Read more

Skin Cancer Screening at The Catholic University of Korea St. Vincent Hospital

Going to the doctor is not something many people look forward to. The unease associated with doctors’ visits can increase when you are concerned you may have a potentially serious diagnosis like skin cancer. Add in the uncomfortableness that comes with living in a new country where you may not know the language, customs, and … Read more

SOS Public Health Maternal Health Survey Descriptive Analysis: Pregnancy and Childbirth in South Korea

Would you like to know more about pregnancy and childbirth in South Korea? The following blog post provides a descriptive analysis of the data gathered in the SOS Public Health Maternal Health Survey (2022 SOS PHMHS) The following data may so such things as 1) provide support and information for people considering childbirth in South Korea, 2) support additional research into the lived pregnancy and childbirth experiences of international residents living in South Korea, and 3) contribute to a better understanding of how international residents experience pregnancy and childbirth in South Korea.

2022 SOS Public Health Needs Assessment of International Residents in Korea

This Needs Assessment was conducted by graduate student Olivia Bowman as part of her practicum with SOS Public Health (SOSPH) in the Fall of 2022.  This needs assessment examines healthcare information access among the multinational English-speaking community living in South Korea, with a focus on the role that cultural dissonance may play in such access.

English Speaking Dentists in Songdo

Finding an English speaking dentist in Korea can be a daunting if you don’t understand the language. You may experience challenges with cultural dissonance when navigating the Korean healthcare system in regard to dental health. SOS Public Health is working to compile a list of English-accessible dental clinics in and around the Songdo area. This list will continue to grow as SOS Public Health volunteers discover new locations.

Navigating Healthcare in South Korea: Introducing the “Health and Wellness in Korea” Facebook Group

Have you ever needed to find a specific hostpial or clinic in Korea for a health challenge that you’ve faced, but didn’t know where to go? Korea has a complex system of hospitals and clinics of which many medical services don’t overlap. Finding trusted information on healthcare options can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.

To overcome these challenges in healthcare information access, SOS Public Health and Fedmedi collaborated to create the Health and Wellness in Korea Facebook Group.

3 Important Differences Between Primary Healthcare in South Korea and the U.S.

Disclaimer Although we had survey respondents from all around the world, we chose to focus on the United States for this blog post because the U.S. healthcare system is dramatically different from South Korea’s. The main difference being that the U.S. doesn’t have universal healthcare like many other places such as Australia, Canada and the … Read more