Understanding Types of Mental Health Services in Korea

Psychiatry, therapy counseling, and life coaching are distinct yet often confused approaches to personal development and mental well-being. Navigating such distinctions among these terms and services can feel confusing if not frustrating, but you are not alone in that. To better understand these differences, we must grasp the fundamental definitions of each term. This blog … Read more

Mental Health Counseling in Songdo

Songdo, labeled the International Business District of Incheon, houses a decent sized international population. Several members of the Songdo international community have expressed a need for English-speaking mental health services. While known as an international district, mental health counseling services prove to be limited in the Songdo area.

Mental Health Counseling in Pyeongtaek

English-speaking mental health counseling services exist throughout South Korea. However, finding such English-speaking mental health counseling services, particularly outside of the Seoul area, may feel like an overwhelming or difficult task. Read more to learn about some mental health counseling services in the Pyeongtaek area.

Awareness of Mental Health Resources on and off Incheon Global Campus Sample of Initial Findings and Links to Resources

South of Seoul Public Health (SOS Public Health) thanks everyone who participated in the SOS Public Health Mental Health Access Survey on Incheon Global Campus (IGC). Information collected has helped identify potential resources that students, faculty, and staff would like to access on or near campus. .

Participate in the Mental Health Access Survey on Incheon Global Campus

Want to support improvements in access to mental health resources for students, faculty, and staff on Incheon Global Campus (IGC)? Take the South of Seoul Public Health (SOS Public Health) Mental Health Access Survey. This blog will tell you how.

SOS Public Health: Mental Health Access Initiative on Incheon Global Campus

About Mental Health on International Campuses Studying or working on an international university campus may be rewarding and also stressful. For example, many challenges may exist when adjusting to campus life: a new culture, and language differences while discovering how to access campus resources. Experiences such as these may stir positive and negative emotions such … Read more

Maternal Health: A New SOS Public Health Initiative

South of Seoul Public Health is starting a new initiative: Maternal and Child Health. This initiative aims to research and improve access to maternal healthcare information for the multinational community living in South

How to Register your Overseas COVID Vaccination in South Korea

Many of our multinational community members living in South Korea have been wondering about how to register their overseas COVID vaccines in Korea. This blog provides some information on how to register an overseas vaccination in Korea and who is eligible to.

SOS Public Health and Utah Asia Campus Collaboration: Mental Health Week

A Need for Mental Health Campaigns on University Campuses If you attended a college or university, you may understand the mental health struggles that students face. Factors such as academic/social/financial stress, uncertainty about the future, and lack of sleep contribute to increased mental health challenges among students. Throw in a dash of COVID and a … Read more

The Challenge of the Language Barrier in Korea

What is a language barrier? Before we jump into the challenges of language barriers, we need to understand what a language barrier is. There are several definitions for language barriers that essentially say the same thing. For the purpose of this article we will use Google’s Oxford Languages Dictionary. According to Google’s Oxford Languages Dictionary, … Read more