10 Vegan Korean Side Dishes

Looking for vegan Korean side dishes? Did you know Korea has a strong tradition of plant-based foods so you have quite a few options? Here are 10 side dishes traditionally made without meat or animal products. Keep in mind, many modern Korean recipes do add meat to some of the following items but you can … Read more

Global Food Marts Around Pyeongtaek

(Updated July 2023) Do you live in Pyeongtaek and love cooking and need to find some global marts? These international groceries will make your life delicious. About Global Food Marts Sometimes you need something special that isn’t found in Korean cooking, when this happens head to one of the many local international grocery stores. You … Read more

Making Local Dishes From Hawai’i in South Korea

Feeling Homesick in the Pandemic As a Native Hawaiian in Korea, especially during a pandemic, it is easy to feel homesick. Like Hawai’i, Korea has beautiful beaches, humid summers, and centuries-old knowledge of fishing and farming. While I admire these commonalities, the easiest way to feel closer to home is to eat ‘ono (delicious) dishes … Read more