Plant-Based Vegan Seafood Options in Korea

Looking for plant-based alternatives to regular seafood? Korea has a variety of vegan seafood options for you to try. Here are options we’ve come across during our shopping adventures. It’s all part of the South of Seoul Plant-Based Food Initiative. Plant-Based Tuna (비건 참치) Plant-based tuna is a vegan or vegetarian alternative to traditional tuna … Read more

Halal Food in Incheon

Are you a Muslim traveler or resident in South Korea, feeling overwhelmed by the lack of halal food options? Fret not, because help is at hand! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the city of Incheon, uncovering its hidden gems of halal food options. From restaurants to grocery stores, we’ve compiled a list of … Read more

7 Nostalgic Korean Snacks to Try

7 nostalgic korean snacks to try

Have you ever wondered which nostalgic Korean snacks to try? Let me show you my favorite Korean snacks from growing up here in Korea. How I Discovered These Nostalgic Korean Snacks to Try Born and raised here in South Korea, I grew up exposed to a lot of different kinds of sweets and snacks – … Read more

Essentials for Your Korean Pantry

About Kimchi Rednecks’ Kitchen Adventures Our disclaimer: We want you to know that we are simply two white Americans who love Korean food and Korean culture. We have lived in South Korea for a number of years and food has naturally become part of our lives. We are not experts on cooking Korean food, nor … Read more

Foundations of Pyeontaek Life: Acquiring Groceries

Welcome to your new life in Pyeongtaek. You have left your home culture and embarked on an exciting journey! The first step to success and self-care is learning how to meet your basic physiological needs, like how to buy groceries in your new environment! Food is a Foundation for Success Building a happy life in … Read more

Global Food Marts Around Pyeongtaek

(Updated July 2023) Do you live in Pyeongtaek and love cooking and need to find some global marts? These international groceries will make your life delicious. About Global Food Marts Sometimes you need something special that isn’t found in Korean cooking, when this happens head to one of the many local international grocery stores. You … Read more

Traditional Markets in Pyeongtaek

Interested in visiting the traditional markets across Pyeongteak? Learn more and visit them soon! Here is what you need to know. About Traditional Markets in Pyeongtaek. While grocery stores that will be familiar to expats abound in South Korea, traditional markets offer an exciting chance to experience the culture and food of the area. Pyeongtaek … Read more

Shopping at Big-Box Retailers In Korea

Sometimes it’s nice to get all your shopping done in one place. Here is what you need to know about the big-box retailers in South Korea including locations near Pyeongtaek, South Korea. What is a Big-Box Retailer? First of all, let’s talk about what a ‘big-box retailer is’: A big-box retailer is a retail store … Read more