Traditional Kimjang with Sue at the Songtan Market 2023

Would you like to participate in a traditional family-style Kimjang? (FYI, if you love cooking and Korean food the answer is, “YES!”) Then, sign up immediately for this 2-day traditional cooking event at the Songtan Traditional Market. Come learn how families work together to prepare their kimchi for the year. This is an all-inclusive event that includes snacks, … Read more

Join the Market Fusion Events in Pyeongtaek

Looking for local events where you can get to know more people and connect with local resources? Give the Songtan Traditional Market Fusion Events a try! Join Us at Market Fusion: A Cultural Convergence Event! We invite you to attend the Songtan Traditional Market event series designed to bring our community together. The Market Fusion: … Read more

Traditional Kimjang with Sue 2022

Would you like to participate in a traditional countryside, family-style Kimjang? (FYI, if you love cooking and Korean food the answer is, “YES!”) Then, sign-up immediately for this 3-day traditional cooking event and learn how families work together to prepare their kimchi for the year. The event will cost $45 per person and be a … Read more

Nomadic Brewing PSCS Craft Beer Pop-up

Want to know more about Nomadic Brewing, the featured brewery at Pyeongtaek Craft Beer Society (PCBC) and Osan Craft Beer Club (OCBC) upcoming Pop-up at Riverun Cafe in Pyeongtaek, South Korea? Get to know them in the following blog. Nomadic Brewing Interview After Even Post Update: Kimchi Rednecks interviewed Nomadic Brewing a the Craft Beer … Read more

Pyeongtaek Halloween Costume Contest and Festival

Pyeongtaek’s biggest Halloween festival happening Saturday! in Anjeongri! Do you live for Halloween and love creating amazing costumes? Be sure to signup for the Halloween Costume Contest in Pyeongtaek. The Halloween in Anjeong-ri festival coming up this weekend and you could win prizes! If you want to know more about Halloween in Korea or Pyeongtaek … Read more

Pyeongtaek-si Event Locations

Pyeongtaek-si hosts events in the same locations. Here is a list of those locations and some tips on how to make attending events less stressful. Where do public events happen in Pyeongtaek? Pyeongtaek-si hosts many wonderful events year-round (when it’s not a pandemic). Since Pyeongtaek has many different neighborhoods, the locations may be up to … Read more

Participate in the First SOS Public Health Survey

Who is SOS Public Health trying to reach? Today, University of Utah alumni, Lisa Peck, and South of Seoul are launching the first Public Health survey. This survey aims to reach the English-speaking international population living in South Korea. The target international population includes expats, migrant workers, students, religious missionaries, and military affiliated individuals and … Read more