SOS Book Club Pick: Almond: A Novel

almond: a novel

April’s Book Club Pick, “Almond: A Novel,” is a coming of age story about Yunjae, a young boy with Alexithymia, who struggles to feel pain, anger, and empathy. Hugely popular among BTS fans, as RM, J-Hope, and Suga read it in 2020 in their reality show “BTS In the Soop.” So, let’s dig into this … Read more

SOS Book Club Pick: Greek Lessons

Greek Lessons

March’s Book Club pick is “Greek Lessons.” The story follows a young woman and her professor of Ancient Greek, both of whom are alienated from the people around them due to limitations with their physical bodies. As the two become more connected, they share the pain and solace that they experience. About the South of … Read more

SOS Book Club Pick: Can’t I Go Instead

can't i go instead

Follow the lives of a mistress and servant during the Japanese occupation of Korea in “Can’t I Go Instead.” Lee Geum-yi explores the complex relationship between the women, examining the extent to which loyalty and deception can be used to survive. About the South of Seoul Book Club If you are familiar with the series, … Read more

More K-Dramas To Watch for 2024

more k-dramas

Wondering what to watch this year? Maybe try these 12 top K-drama recommendations for 2024. This year we created a watch list of Korea’s top K-dramas. The list may help you learn more about Korean culture, social asperations, and life. Watching K-dramas to Help with Cultural Integration Settling into a new cultural becomes easier with … Read more

SOS Book Club Pick: Black Flower

black flower

Discover the history of the Korean immigrants in 1905 who traveled to Mexico in hopes of a better life in “Black Flower” by Kim Young-ha. Set during the Mexican Revolution, “Black Flower” narrates their journey seeking safety in a new country, with themes of identity, courage, and human spirit amidst hardship. About the South of … Read more

South of Seoul Book Club List for 2024

book club for 2024

Ready to join our South of Seoul Volunteers with the picks for our book club for 2024? Let’s delve further into immigrant life from many perspectives, learn more about the Korean experience, and fall in love with Korean literature. About the South of Seoul Virtual Book Club Looking for book recommendations and a literature-loving community? Welcome to … Read more

SOS Book Club Pick: Kim JiYoung, Born 1982

kim jiyoung

A heartbreaking exploration of gender inequality and societal expectations in contemporary South Korea, “Kim JiYoung, Born 1982 gives voice to many generations of women subjected to sexism and misogyny. Let’s dig into the details of this iconic book. About the South of Seoul Book Club If you are familiar with the series, skip ahead to … Read more

Making Jang (장) for Kimjang (김장)

Want to learn more about making jang for kimjang? The following post is one of a series that seeks to capture aspects of this verbal tradition in English. The following post focuses on the sauce or ‘jang’. The information is for international families who wish to start their own community kimjang or English-speaking Koreans living … Read more

Traditional Kimjang with Sue at the Songtan Market 2023

Would you like to participate in a traditional family-style Kimjang? (FYI, if you love cooking and Korean food the answer is, “YES!”) Then, sign up immediately for this 2-day traditional cooking event at the Songtan Traditional Market. Come learn how families work together to prepare their kimchi for the year. This is an all-inclusive event that includes snacks, … Read more

SOS Book Club Pick: American Seoul: A Memoir

American Seoul: A Memoir

A heartbreaking journey of self-discovery, this month we explore the life of Helena Rho in “American Seoul.” Let’s dig into this captivating narrative with themes of diaspora, heritage, and finding oneself in a world where borders blur and cultures intersect. About the South of Seoul Book Club If you are familiar with the series, skip … Read more