Pyeongtaek Self-Care Sunday Itinerary

What is a Self-Care Itinerary? It’s a day where you only do things that help you and build your ability to cope with change, feel healthy, and feel confident. These kid of days are needed as much as adventure days. We all fight FOMO (fear of missing out) when we live abroad. Fear of not … Read more

Time to Get Glasses In South Korea

Do you need glasses? Many international residents often find that it’s time to get glasses while living or traveling in South Korea. The country’s numerous optical stores make glasses easy and affordable to purchase. Listen to the BlogCast Don’t want to read? Listen to the South of Seoul BlogCast which provides accessible content through the … Read more

5 Tips for the Hair Salon and a Recommendation Near Osan Air Base

Recommended hairdresser in Pyeongtaek, Sophie's Beautyshop. Improve your Korean hair salon experience.

Whenever you are moving anywhere, leaving behind a hairdresser that you love and trying to find a new hairdresser feels like so much work. It is an even bigger struggle when you are moving to a new country and you add in language difficulties and differences in hair. There are differences in Korean hair salons … Read more

4 Types of Spa Experiences around Pyeongtaek

By: Angela Alvis, South of Seoul volunteer No stay in Korea is complete without an authentic Korean spa experience. These are places where Koreans come to relax, unwind, and do some serious cleansing. Korean spas and jjimjilbangs (which literally translates to “heated room” in English) are not designed for tourists, though foreigners are always welcome. … Read more

Seosabol: Mr. Healing Cafe

UPDATE: Mr. Healing Cafe in Sosabeol closed during the pandemic. However cafes of this style still exist around Pyeongtaek and South Korea.  File healing cafes under things we didn’t know we needed until they existed. Last year healing cafes started popping up around Korea and our area. The first one that came to our attention … Read more

Beauty Treatments: 강남뷰여성의원

The exhaustion became more than I could handle. No amount of yoga, water, coffee, sleep or veggies could cure it. While standing on the side of the road waiting for my bus I asked myself, “Why are you doing this to yourself?” There is no reason for this self-imposed suffering, the wailing, or the gnashing … Read more