Nav App Hack: Phones not Address

One of our main goals at South of Seoul (SOS) is to empower our readers and users to explore Pyeongtaek on their own and share the things they love with others. This sounds easy, except that the language barrier and maps issues make this far harder than it should be. How in the world do … Read more

SOS App Quick Tips: Transportation

The South of Seoul app is more than pretty pictures of food and fun things to do put together by some very dedicated volunteers. It is also embedded tons of information “easter eggs” that will make your life in Korea much easier. For example, our Transportation Hubs directories can be a huge help when you need them … Read more

How to Use Our App Listings

Our listings are filled with useful information depending on topic and availability. It’s surprising how much you can find poking around one of our volunteer created listings. Let’s go on tour together to see what’s up. Since we all need to eat, let’s look at one of the 40+ Pyeongtaek grocery stores we have listed. … Read more

The New South of Seoul Pyeongtaek is HERE!

Living outside Seoul can be a challenge for foreigners  The language barrier is a complicated hurdle, Google maps rarely works well, information in FB groups gets buried, and there aren’t many bloggers who stick around. When you need something, it’s often easier to just follow the information and catch a train to Seoul rather than … Read more

SOS App Coming Soon!

It’s Since (where SOS also volunteers) and the South of Seoul community has been growing faster than we ever anticipated so we’ve decided to get fancy! We are launching an iPhone and Adroid app that will tell you everything you need to know about living in Pyeongtaek. The app is currently being tested by … Read more