Cafe CF

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Have you always wanted to find a desert cafe where everything looks as good as (or better than) the pictures? Well, we found it.  Cafe CF in Songtan (main street in front of base, across from the bank) has amazing, giant desserts that are a feast for your eyes and your belly.  Don’t come here if you aren’t ready to gorge yourself on sugar.

To make it easier to order, they even have photo menus where you can see what each desert looks like. Usually these types of things leave me feeling horribly disappointed, but not here.  The have flavored sodas, shakes, bingsu, juice, coffee, etc.  Something for everyone.  After we pig out for dinner or lunch in Songtan, this is almost always were we end up after.

FYI the fruit desserts, like the one pictured above, are usually seasonal.  During winter they will not be available. Don’t panic, there are many other options.