Byeongsanbando National Park Winter Hiking

Winter can be a perfect time to visit national parks across South Korea, especially those located in the more southern regions.

About Byeongsanbando National Park in Winter

Byeongsanbando National Parks is in Jeonbukdo on the west coast of South Korea. This stunning, mountainous national park is the only National Park positioned on a peninsula which means the park is surrounded by coastline on three sides. Additionally, Byeongsanbando National Parks is somewhat unique because it’s considered one of the 4 marine parks (which are usually flat like Taean) but still has many mountains. It’s a National Park that has it all!

Byeongsanbando National Parks is stunning year-round and offers comfortable winter hiking with just the right amount of snow during the winter months. This itinerary looks at our visit during the winter of 2021 when we packed up our car to escape people and explore nature across the southern parts of South Korea.

Winter Weather in Byeongsanbando National Park

The fact that Byeongsanbando National Park exists on a peninsula means weather can be unpredictable. South of Seoul volunteers find that the weather changes quickly. There can be blue sky and a heavy snowstorm happening in the same valley. Additionally, temperatures change regularly so dressing in layers from a t-shirt to full-winter gear was needed in our short 2-hour hike.

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Winter Driving in Byeongsanbando National Park

The roads through the national park are well maintained year-round. We have traveled through the highest of the mountain passes in a snowstorm without snow tires or chains, however, we do not recommend visiting this area in winter without chains. Many of the roads gain and lose a substantial amount of elevation with some tight switchbacks so having chains in the car during winter is advised.

Like most national parks in South Korea, you can choose your level of hiking in Byeongsanbando National Park. If you intend on doing longer hikes we recommend:

  • winter socks and carry a dry pair
  • wind-resistant outerwear
  • wind & water resistent gloves
  • water-resistant hiking boots that go above the ankle
  • neck gator
  • walking poles (it can get icy and messy)
  • hotpacks just in case
  • carry an extra, charge phone battery in a warm pocket to keept its charge

If you are doing any type of extensive hiking in this park during the winter, we do recommend taking your gear somewhat seriously. This park has just the right amount of distance, exposure, erratic coastal weather, and winter temp range for unfortunate experiences to occur. Play it safe. Keep that phone battery charged.

Hiking in Byeongsanbando National Park

The hiking courses recommended by the National Parks service in Byeongsanbando National Park are 1-day Courses. There are 7 recommended courses which can all be easily found using Naver Maps. The National Parks website also details these 1-day Course hikes.

National Parks Adventure Maps and Passports

Do you love visiting Korean National Parks and want to track your adventures? There are two ways to celebrate your National Parks Adventures. First, you can visit at National Parks office and pick up the official FREE Korean National Parks Passport. The Korean National Parks office offers. Here is the office at Byeongsanbado National Park.

Byeonsanbando National Park Offic

Byeonsanbando National Park Offic0


Copy and paste phone numbers into Naver Maps to get directions

Hangul Address

전북 부안군 변산면 방파제길 11

National parks office where you can learn more about the park and get a Korean National Parks Passport.

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

SOS National Parks Adventure Map (15,000 won)

South of Seoul has designed a number of Adventure Maps including one for National Parks in South Korea. In 2022 South of Seoul will launch a series of Adventure Patches for those who visit all locations on the Adventure Maps! The proceeds from the Adventure Maps support the South of Seoul volunteer efforts in South Korea.