Busan Theater Weekend Itinerary

Have you wanted to spend a weekend in Busan attending the theater? This Busan theater weekend Itinerary will make it all seem fun and possible.

About Busan

Busan is a port city that exists on the southeast coast of South Korea. Busan also exists as one of South Korea’s seven Special Administrative Districts or Metropolitan Cities. It’s also the second-largest city in South Korea.

Busan has 15 major administrative districts and a single county that together include a population of around 3.6 million. The full metropolitan area, the Southeastern Maritime Industrial Region, has a population of approximately 8 million people.

Busan has an active cultural scene with many creative neighborhoods, museums, theaters, and the Busan International Film Festival. We love to visit Busan to take advantage of the many creative activities and delicious food. Come along on our most recent trip.

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Booking Theater Tickets in South Korea

We have our FRC cards and open a Korean Bank Account. This allows us to easily book tickets online for shows and events. It also provides us increased freedom to book places to stay on Korean hotel apps which often offer better prices.

We use Interpark to book our theater tickets in Seoul, Cheonan, and Busan. Interpark does not always offer the easiest shopping experience but it does provide access to amazing shows across Korea.

Leaving Pyeongtaek on a Friday Afternoon

And we’re off. Heading to the train station to grab the bullet train to Busan. Seeing Lion King tomorrow down there. We catch the SRT bullet train from Jije Station. We leave our car in the nearby parking lot for the weekend.

Jije Station

Jije Station0


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E-mart is about a 10 minute walk M Bus Stops outside Jijae Station SRT (High speed train) Station

Hangul Address

경기도 평택시 경기대로 777

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Pro-Tip: Always remember that no bullet trains stop at AK Plaza. Many people may tell you to, “Catch the KTX from AK Plaza.” However, they are confusing the KTX with the ITX or not realizing that bullet trains and regular trains differ.




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Self-styled as a record bar, this is the place where the “Cool Kids” hangout. Offers many different drip coffee beans, cocktails, and some delicious food.

Hangul Address

부산 부산진구 동성로 25

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Welcome to @goof_busan! We arrived in Busan and decided to finally try this great cafe/bar in our favorite area of Busan. We started with the basil milkshake and passion fruit ade, which were flavorful and not overly sweet. The prosciutto and melon arrived shortly after followed by the baked Brie. To end the Goof food and drink tour, we indulged ourselves with a fudgelicious chocolate cake and the signature “Cool Kids” latte. The pomegranate seeds with the ice cream and chocolate cake might just be what dreams are made of.

Saturday Explore the Busan Before the Theater

Yeongdo Island

We decided to spend the day exploring Yeongdo Island, which is the island where the beginning of the book/TV show “Pachinko” takes place. We walked there across a bridge, but back in the day travel between the island and Busan was done via ferry.




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This art community has a number of local artisan shops: teas, coffee, deli, art, scents, towels, and more.

Hangul Address

부산 영도구 태종로105번길 37-3

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

Arrived at AREA6 – a cultural space full of little artisan shops on Yeongdo. Made our way through each one.

Grabbed breakfast @lolowa_daily – this amazing grocery and deli on Yeongdo. The cook, a word we just learned in Korean – 요리사, was SO nice, and we are now Instagram friends. Every time that I think we make progress in Korean, though, is just another failed attempt. However, everyone kindly allows us to slaughter the language with our accent and incorrect grammar and diction;)

The area around AREA6 used to be older markets, with the Yeongdo Traditional Market still right by it. We stumbled upon the restored fish cake grocer and museum. Grabbed an interesting version of the sotteok-sotteok. The dish includes rice cake and hot dogs nestled in a fish cake. Forgot to grab a picture though.

After breakfast, we headed to the Heuinyeoul Culture Village via the Jeoryeong Coastal Trail in search of a cafe.




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Donut shop in Busan.

Hangul Address

부산 금정구 금정로149번안길 18

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Grabbed a light, flavorful donut from @cupnut_yeongdo to tide us over on our exploration.

The Having

The Having0


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Hip, minimalist cafe overlooks the ocean and a view of Songpo Beach.

Hangul Address

부산 영도구 절영로 224-1

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Had some amazing fanciers @thehaving_coffee not to mention one of the best vanilla lattes I’ve had.

After The Having, we walked around Huinyeoul Culture Village some more, taking in the color.

Strolled along the coast for a while before heading back to the area of the theater for dinner.

Jeonpo Restaurant

Jeonpo Restaurant 0


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This small and stylish restaurant has bulgogi, marinated crab, kimchi stews, banchan, etc. Menu was in Korean.

Hangul Address

부산 부산진구 전포대로186번길 28

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Whenever we are in Busan, it has become our tradition to get dinner @jeonpo_bobjeep. It’s our favorite traditional Korean restaurant in Busan. After dinner, we tried @liedown.roasters for two tasty lattes, a chocolate chip walnut cookie and a fudgy chocolate cake. Not one regret to be had!

Dream Theatre

Dream Theatre5


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New theatre space in Busan within a newly constructed mall and hotel

Hangul Address

부산 남구 전포대로 133

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]The Lion King International Tour is the reason we came to Busan this weekend! Such a great show and the @dreamtheatre_busan is one of our favorite venues! Don’t hesitate to see a show while in Korea.

Sunday is Brunch and Return Home Day

After a big Saturday exploring Busan and seeing a show, we take our time on Sunday. We wake up a little later, enjoy a slow brunch, and then catch a mid-day train home. This allows us an evening to relax at home and get ready for your work week. This trip’s brunch was a classic we look forward to on every visit.

Ole Coffee House

Ole Coffee House 5


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This safe abs brunch place makes everything from scratch, such as their preserves and granola. The food is made with fresh ingredient. The ambiance has an earthy aesthetic and is soothing to the soul.

Hangul Address

부산 부산진구 동성로39번길 19 2층 오엘이커피

(Listing information provided by the South of Seoul app)

After the amazing performance, we needed to eat before heading home. A vibrant wall of azaleas ushered us to brunch on this sunny spring day. The last time we were in Busan, we discovered @olecoffeehouse and are so glad to be back to enjoy their artisan food!

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