90+ Best Things to Do Near Pyeongtaek

Looking for the best things to do near Pyeongtaek? South of Seoul volunteers looked through posts in the Pyeongtaek Food & Fun group and the Pyeongtaek Travelers group, then cross-referenced the information with Naver to compile the following lists. Jump straight to the List of Things do Do Near Pyeongtaek, or keep reading for additional information if you are new to Korea.

Areas Near Pyeongtaek

Each of the included administrative districts shares a border with Pyeongtaek. The list below includes activities in:

Travel time to these locations may be between 10 minutes – 1.5 hours driving in a personal vehicle depending on where you reside in Pyeongtaekm, the destination, and road conditions.

Things to Do Near Humphreys and Osan Base

This also works as a Best Things to do Near Camp Humphreys or Osan Air Force Base List since both US Military bases are in Pyeongtaek.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

Issues with Top Things Near Pyeongtaek Lists

The South of Seoul volunteers created these comprehensive lists of activities by region near Pyeongtaek for a reason. After years of Googling, our volunteers continue to find terrible lists of Best things to do near Pyeongtaek by major corporations.

The large travel organizations have very little information regarding the Korean countryside and simply refer folks to activities in Seoul or other areas of Korea that are NOT ‘near’ Pyeongtaek. It creates a very frustrating experience for Pyeongtaek residents.

Tips for Rural Travel

Keep in mind that rural South Korean tourism and culture planning may not assume international foreigners will visit. This means there may be limited English in some more rural locations. Consider the small towns in your country. Generally, small communities don’t have the financial resources to create information in multiple languages and they focus on the needs of the immediate community. This remains true in rural South Korea.

However, rural areas in South Korea do welcome international visitors. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable visiting. The following tools may help you feel more comfortable and engaged in rural areas when English language information and speakers may not be available.

1330 For Additional Information

If you find a place you want to visit and have questions about ticketing, access for kids, parking, or other visitor information you can contact 1330. The tourist information line offers free English language support via phone or message.

Papago Translate App

Papago is the Naver translation app and it provides superior Korean to English to Korean translation. You can use it to read images, signs, menus, and much more. It even has a voice-to-text option.

Naver Maps for Navigation

Naver Maps provides superior routing in rural areas. Therefore, I do not recommend using WAZE, Google Maps, or Apple Maps. However, each person has their own preference for navigation apps based on their past experiences. Naver has an English language interface.

This is a List of Lists

Formatting blogs for Google and for speed can be tricky. In order to keep the technology gods happy, we blogged about the top things to do by location and then embedded the posts within this master blog. Such a structure might be annoying because you have to click out to other blogs, but it allows us to create an extensive list that will still load. Basically, we had to choose between an annoying load speed or annoying click-through – we went with click-through.

List of Things to Do Near Pyeongtaek-si, Korea

Each list linked below includes at least 10 things to do! Together they total over 90+ different ideas. This means you can find something to do every week of the year!