Beer Highlight by PCBS: Jin Lager

About Gorilla Brewing Company

The Gorilla Brewing Company, in collaboration with Werk Coffee Roasters, created this highly unique beer. Both companies are based out of Busan and create unique blends of beer and coffee, respectively. Somehow both came together and had a baby. A Baby Sour that is!

Tasting Notes for Baby Sour

This coffee sour beer has a light amber and hazy appearance and smells strongly of coffee grinds. The first sip catches you by surprise. I expected to taste coffee based on the aroma, but instead, it was so tangy and sour! As the beer smoothly flows down your throat, the coffee aroma catches up giving it a good coffee bean aftertaste with continued, persistent sourness on the tongue.

Would I Drink Baby Sour Again?

Its tang is strong, but I continued to crave more. I enjoyed the novelty of this sour and would definitely recommend it if you are looking to expand your beer-drinking experiences to include more eccentric flavors.

Where I Found this Beer

This coffee sour beer was purchased at Wine & More on the first floor of Starfield Mall, Anseong. This shop has a great variety of Korean and international craft beers that are not easily found elsewhere. I am like a kid in a candy store each time I go. I need to set a strict budget next time because the individually priced beers can range in price and start to add up quickly. I am happy my wife hasn’t yet asked how much I have spent at this store.

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