Beautiful Thai Massage

The Thai Massage
ADDRESS: 평택시 서정동 795-12
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This new Thai Massage business opened a few months ago near the McDonalds in Seojeongri. It’s two floors of lovely relaxation. I’d been hesitant to try it because it looked out of my price range, but last week I decided it was time to at least duck in and check out the menu. Turns out I was worried for nothing. Their prices are totally average by Korean standards and extremely affordable by US standards. They also have a happy hour from 9am – 4pm and a 10% discount for paying cash. 

For those of you who are new to Korea and aren’t sure how to pick a place for massage, here are some useful tips. 
The Facilities:
  • Clean, beautiful changing areas that supply razors, tooth brushes, lotions, etc.
  • Foot massage chairs for when you just need a quick pick-me up.
  • Discounts for cash.
  • A nice lobby with a pleasant cup of tea.
  • Quiet atmosphere (No noribangs next door.)
  • Room privacy 
  • Warm room in winter, not too much AC in summer.
  • Not a brothel. Always an important point. (Look for places that say they are for men, women, and couples. No red lights in the lobby or halls. If you can read Korean, check reviews on Naver.)
The Service:
  • Massage therapists that listen and check in with where you’re are at.
  • Allowed to stay in the room and take a rest after the massage is done.
  • Don’t expect to share a language (However, here the staff did speak English at the front desk and the massage staff knew key words in English so it was comfortable.)
  • Walk-ins welcome.
Things that vary between locations: foot bath before massage, use of oils or lotions, etc
Personally, I felt this place had it all. Certainly the nicest setup in Songtan and for a very affordable price. It was also the best Thai massage I’ve had outside Thailand. Meaning: they focused on stretching me out through the entire massage and not just at the end. It was effective and excellent. Lot’s of knees and elbows.
This will be my new place for now. 
PRO-TIP: If you are going only for the relaxing aspects of the massage, don’t go anywhere after 9pm on Friday or Saturday nights. This is the magical soju hour when other guests might be a bit noisier than one would like.

Entry and foot massage stations
Butterfly pea tea. Surprisingly blue.
Rooms where comfortable, warm and dark.
Beautiful changing room and showers.
Toiletries to put myself back together.