Maps and beaches.
These are two of my favorite things.
Mostly because one leads to the other.
Often I take a map
and just go to places that seem
like they might contain magic. 
Usually, I am well rewarded.
Recently this type of wandering 
led me to a little slice of paradise.
The water is shallow,
there are sand crabs to chase,
rocks to climb on,
trees to rest under,
and its away from the insanity.
Pro Tip: Leave Pyeongtaek by 9:00am for best results. 
And NEVER take the main toll highway to and from.
Address: 충청남도 태안군 근흥면 정죽리 산147-46,
In the past, we have gone to 만리포 or 연포
and we always love them,
but sometimes change is good.