Bangkok Rice Noodles

South of Seoul Directory: Cheonan – Cheonan Station
Name: Bangkok Thai Noodles

We didn’t even know that we needed more Thai food in our lives. We thought we were doing just fine. That was until we found a random blog about a Thai rice noodle restaurant in Cheonan and decided that we needed to check it out for “research” purposes.

For this little adventure we took the subway from Songtan Station to Cheonan Station, then walked about 10 minutes to the restaurant, which is located near a big Cheonan traditional market. The trip was very simple and we used the Map option in the South of Seoul App. Instead of using Google we use the apple maps option and it treats us right. The map worked perfectly and we followed the little blue line directly to the restaurant. No need for Naver or WAZE. This is why we love the app so much. Our lives made simple.

The restaurant is pocket sized. There are barely enough seats for 8 people and you all are sitting VERY close together. The chef and host are super nice and speak English and Korean, in addition to their native Thai. The young man even used to live up near Osan AF Base.  It’s humble but very clean and organized. The menu is written in Korean and Thai so we will break it down for you 🙂 We ordered one round, and then ordered again. It was that good. Next time we will get the bigger sized Pad Thai, spring rolls, and tcurry… OK, let’s be honest, next time we plan to order one of everything.

Beef, Chicken, or Thai Curry Rice Noodle Soup 7,000 
Pad Thai small 7,000 / large 9,000 (x-tra Veg 1,000)
Beef or Chicken soup with rice 8,000
Side of rice 1,000
Papaya Salad 8,000
Spring rolls 5,000
Thai Ice Tea 2,000
Soda 1,000
The Pad Thai was fracking phenomenal. It’s straight street food style. The owners are Thai and feel that the best recipes are found in the street stalls. They get their ingredients from Thailand and it’s going to be mostly Thai people there with you. If you love mall food Thai, this might not be for you. If you go to Thailand or grew up with Thai family, this is your place.

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