Back-country Skiing in South Korea

Back-country skiing isn’t easy to find, but it does exist in South Korea.

About Back-country Skiing in South Korea

You will not find a great deal of powder skiing or backcountry skiing in South Korea. It’s theoretically possible, but not accessible to the common man. In fact, it’s generally on the islands and not the mainland. If you are hell-bent on this type of skiing, the one place we know if that you can find it during very specific times of year is Ulleungdo Island, Jeju, and a few other spots. You really have to be in the scene to get access.

Back-county Ski Season

We can’t really say that there is an official season for this since it relies on plenty of natural snow. However, we can say that you are most likely to find back-cuntry skiing possible in January or February of each year. There may be years when back-country skiing is completely impossible due to uncooperative weather.

Where to Backcountry Ski in Korea

Alps Ski Resort, Gangwondo

This is an abandoned ski resort now used by back-country skiers.

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Ulleungdo Island

Jeju Island

How to Access Back-country Skiing Locations

There is an adventure travel company called TEAMAX ADVENTURES who can help you access unique adventure sports experiences in South Korea. We have not used this company, but they are the only ones we know doing these types of adventures.