Seoraksan National Park: What to Know

Information about Seoraksan often feels rather vague. To be honest, the first time we went we weren’t sure how to pick the right visitor center and which trail folks considered “hiking Seoraksan.” This is the blog we wish we could have found on the topic. About Seoraksan National Park Nestled in the eastern part of … Read more

Discovering Goseong, Gangwondo

If you haven’t heard about Goseong, Gangwondo, you’ve been missing out. The top right corner of the country sits above the 36th parallel and offers stunning views, beaches, and a rural atmosphere that takes you back in time. It’s one of our favorite parts of Korea. About Goseong, Gangwon-do The county of Goseong in Gangwondo … Read more

Discover the Heartbeat of Korea: The Jeongseon Arirang Festival

Do you love connecting with Korea and exploring areas that many tourists don’t get to? Then head to this amazing Jeongseon Arirang Festival in Gangwon-do where you can learn about Korea’s most famous folk song in its birthplace. It’s the perfect adventure. Reasons to Attend Traditional Festivals Living and traveling in South Korea is more … Read more

What is the meaning of Arirang?

When you live or travel in Korea, you may hear people talk about ‘Arirang’ but what is the meaning? People may use this word in many different ways that leave you wondering, “Exactly what is this? What specific thing does ‘Arirang’ represent?” Well, it turns out, that Arirang could be many things and it started … Read more

Join the Market Fusion Events in Pyeongtaek

Looking for local events where you can get to know more people and connect with local resources? Give the Songtan Traditional Market Fusion Events a try! Join Us at Market Fusion: A Cultural Convergence Event! We invite you to attend the Songtan Traditional Market event series designed to bring our community together. The Market Fusion: … Read more