Nomadic Brewing PSCS Craft Beer Pop-up

Want to know more about Nomadic Brewing, the featured brewery at Pyeongtaek Craft Beer Society (PCBC) and Osan Craft Beer Club (OCBC) upcoming Pop-up at Riverun Cafe in Pyeongtaek, South Korea? Get to know them in the following blog. Nomadic Brewing Interview After Even Post Update: Kimchi Rednecks interviewed Nomadic Brewing a the Craft Beer … Read more

Pumpkin Craft Beer in South Korea

Each year we get many requests for pumpkin beer options around the time the weather starts to chill. Here are a few beers to try in 2022. About Pumpkin Beer in South Korea Pumpkin pie is a very traditional North American dessert but can be hard to find here in Korea. But in Korea’s beer … Read more

Osan Craft Beer Festival 2022 Recap

Finally! Finally, I think I am rested and recovered from the epic weekend that was the Osan Night Beer Festival (야맥주축제) also known as the Osan Craft Beer Festival. The Experience I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the festival on all three days. Friday, I hung out with friends, drank a lot … Read more

Best Korean Craft Beer Spots for Fall

Enjoy the fall locations for Korean craft beer. In this post, we share the best places for fall colors and cool brews. Autumn in South Korea Autumn is the best season in Korea. The season is marked by pleasant weather with high clouds and low pollution. The rice fields and other crops will be harvested, … Read more

Craft Beer Scene Around Songtan (Sinjang), South Korea

So…you want to hear about the craft beer scene around Songtan (Sinjang)? Songtan, one of the northernmost areas of Pyeongtaek, has plenty of bars, pubs, and restaurants serving regular and craft beers. Therefore, let’s explore the neighborhoods of Songtan and discover craft beer with the Osan Craft Beer Club (you can join us on Facebook). … Read more

3 Brewery Travel Itinerary for Gangwondo

Let’s go visit one of the most beautiful parts of South Korea and drink some beer! If you love this 3 brewery travel itinerary for Gangwondo, be sure to join Osan Craft Beer Club on Facebook. About Gangwondo Gangwon Province (강원도) occupies the most northeastern portion of South Korea. Known for both coastal and mountainous … Read more