August K-Drama: Hotel del Luna

The South of Seoul K-drama for August is a popular series that aired in 2019, “Hotel del Luna.” This captivating South Korean fantasy-romance drama revolves around a mysterious hotel for spirits with unresolved grudges and emotions. Let’s learn more about this K-drama and find out why it was so popular.

Breaking Down The Cultural Knowledge

When you watch a K-drama when living in Korea or plan to live in Korea, you may want to go deeper than just the show. In order to fully understand the context of entertainment and the world around you, plan on looking at not only experiencing the movie plot, but also at the actors, music, and cultural conversation.

In order to make it easier to maximize watching K-Dramas for cultural knowledge, I will provide you with some quick links each month related to the South of Seoul recommended K-Drama watch list. If you catch up on all these details you will become a K-pop culture master in no time.

About “Hotel del Luna”

“Hotel del Luna”, also known as “Guest House of the Moon”, premiered in Korea on July 13, 2019 on the tvN network. There were 16 total episodes and the series became an instant hit. Because of its unique storyline and excellent performances, this drama became very popular domestically and internationally.

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Lee Ji-eun (also known as IU) and Yeo Jin-goo star in this drama regarding a supernatural hotel that caters to spirits. The hotel is not visible to humans in it’s true form and only under special circumstances can humans find it. The staff and guests are all spirits who must resolve issues from their lives before they can pass on to the afterlife. However, filling the role of the general manager are different humans because they need to be able to interact with the real world to help the spirits to move on to the next world.

The owner of the hotel is Jang Man-wol (Lee Ji-eun) which is located in Myeongdong, Seoul. A sin that Jang Man-wol committed long ago ends up binding her soul to the hotel. Later, she meets the father of Koo Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo). He ends up making a deal to save his life in exchange for his son working for her 20 years later. Therefore, the drama centers around Jang Man-wol and Koo Chan-sung after he comes to work there.

Throughout the series, viewers are taken on an emotional journey as the characters deal with their past regrets and learn to find peace and acceptance.

About the Drama’s Success

“Hotel del Luna” received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike for its unique storyline, strong performances, and high-quality production. It was the most viewed tvN drama for 2019. In addition, it was nominated for several awards. However, the OST soundtrack, “Remember Me” by Gummy was the biggest winner, winning Best OST at 21st Mnet Asian Music Awards, 11th Melon Music Awards, and the 34th Golden Disc Awards.

Overall, “Hotel Del Luna” is considered one of the most successful and memorable Korean dramas of its time.

About the Drama’s Themes

“Hotel Del Luna” explores many themes throughout its storyline. Some of the most prominent themes addressed are redemption and forgiveness, love and sacrifice, life and death, letting go and moving on. Although, the main theme of this drama is redemption and forgiveness.

Jang Man-wol, the owner of the hotel, is cursed to manage it for centuries due to her past sins. She seeks redemption for her actions, and the hotel becomes a place for spirits with unresolved emotions and past traumas. Throughout the series, Koo Chan-sung helps those who are struggling with grudges and traumas resolve their issues and seek forgiveness.

The theme of redemption is intricately woven into the emotional journeys of the characters. This makes “Hotel Del Luna” a compelling and thought-provoking drama that delves into the complexities of human nature and the quest for atonement.

The Music of “Hotel del Luna”

Whenever a new, popular K-drama hits the screen you hear the music everywhere. Take the time to become familiar with the track list and maybe even memorize one for the norae-bang. This will make you an absolute superstar at social gatherings. Below is a YouTube video with the Original Soundtrack from “Hotel del Luna.”

Additionally, being able to sing the chorus when you hear the songs in the streets or be able to casually say to a new friend, “Oh, isn’t this the theme song for Hotel del Luna?” creates a wonderful feeling of connectedness to the world around you.

Behind the Scenes Footage of “Hotel del Luna”

After watching the K-drama and becoming familiar with the songs, it’s time to learn more about the cast. Watching the cast in behind-the-scenes footage or interviews can help you recognize the actors and actresses in new dramas or advertisements nationwide. Therefore, knowing about the cast enables you to create a language for understanding the visual world around you. Also, it is fun to watch behind-the-scenes footage and interviews where you can see glimpses of the creation of the drama and the interactions of the actors/actresses on set.

The Food of “Hotel del Luna”

Food plays a significant role in “Hotel del Luna.” The hotel’s restaurant serves as a place where the ghostly guests experience their favorite dishes or meals that bring back cherished memories from their past lives. Various types of food are featured, including both traditional Korean dishes and some international cuisine.

Some of the more prominently featured Korean dishes are samgyeopsal, japchae, bibimbap, kimchi and tteokbokki. Check out our series A Year to Learn Korean Cooking if you want to recreate the dishes you see on the screen at home. You may find some great tips to help you learn more about Korean foods.

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