The News: August 14, 2019

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What is happening in Pyeongtaek this month?

Pyeongtaek Dream Start

Pyeongtaek Summer Dream Start program launched for 43 elementary school students who met every Friday from July 26 to August 9.  The Pyeongtaek DreamStart program hosts a variety of year-round programs, like the dream constellation camp. The primary focus of the program is to support the healthy development of children who come from single parent homes. It also focuses on school age children who are looking to experience a variety of activities during their spare time. One of the popular programs is the Dream Family Bowling Class, which celebrated its seventh year this year. Children who attend the program like it because it is more than learning about rules- it focuses on having the right attitude.

2019 Fine Dust Citizens Education Project

Pyeongtaek announced that it won the competition to undertake the 2019 Fine Dust Citizens Education Project. Non-profit private organizations or corporations registered with the city are invited to apply to the City Environmental Policy Division. The committee will select the most feasible and creative idea, which will then be put into action.

Hepatitis A Outbreak

Pyeongtaek City confirmed that a male in his 30s, who had hepatitis A, used the water tank at Seotan-dong Songtan Neighborhood Park. On July 10th, city health officials closed 26 civil defense (emergency) water supply facilities and retested the surrounding area on August 2. As a precaution the city also has vaccinated 351 residents near the Songtan Neighborhood Park to prevent the spread of hepatitis A and specifically tested 45 of them. As of the end of July, hepatitis A cases confirmed 2675 people in Gyeonggi-do and 126 people in Pyeongtaek. Thankfully the water supply tests came back virus-free.

Dementia Peace Park 

In an effort to address the stigma of dementia a new park was created to encourage a friendly environment where all residents can participate. The park promotes physical activity and healthy living habits. In addition to the new park, the Songtan Dementia Assurance Center is providing signs with information about dementia prevention methods to bus depots and taxi stands.  For more information on dementia relief villages, contact the Songtan Dementia Security Center (031-8024-7304) or the Pyeongtaek Dementia Security Center (031-8024-4406).

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Save the Date

Pyeongtaek’s 9th National Band Contest has confirmed 203 teams initially were accepted for this year’s contest. The 10 teams who have advanced to the finals will hold their final competion performance at the special stage of Ichong Fountain Park outdoor performance venue at 1 pm. You can attend the performance free of charge. In case of inclement weather it will be held at the Leechongsil Gymnasium.

Date: August 18th, 1pm

PIEF is hosting the Hyanggyo Cultural Festival where Pyeongtaek Citizens and Foreign Families can enjoy traditional performances and cultural experiences.

Date: August 24, from Noon to 6 pm
Contact: 031-667-2353

-The 16th Korea-US Friendship Cultural Hanmadang Festival is a representative festival held every year to promote friendship and friendship between the US 7th Air Force and citizens located in Songtan, Pyeongtaek. 

Date: September 7, 2019 (Sat) ~ 9. 8. (Sun), 2 days 
Address: Xinjiang Neighborhood Park, K-55 Main Gate
Contact: 031-8024-5324

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