Asan Pinnacle Land

We’ve driven past Pinnacle Land more times than I can count, but there is nothing interesting about it from the road so we never stopped. It’s simple not marketed in a manner that stands out to foreigners. However, since I’m dedicated to knowing everything there is to do in and near Pyeongtaek, I finally had to go check it out.

everything I’ve done so far in Korea (except a super weird Alice In
Wonderland Park I once visited), Pinnacle Land turned out much cooler than I thought it was going to be. Hidden away so that it can’t be seen from the road, its basically a European inspired garden on the side of a large hill (or mountain as they are all called here). Throughout the garden there are endless sculptures, a variety of small animal exhibits that are well maintained, cool and shaded paths, fountains, flowers, and finally a giant water fall and pond featured at the pinnacle of the garden. 

This themed park is perfect for both couples and families. Families will love the knee deep paddling pool for the kiddies in the summer, as well as lots of candies and treats to get the kiddos all hopped up on sugar while they run up and down the hill.

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Now, warning for those that are horrified by culturally inappropriate exhibits. There is a terrifying and bizarre “Indian Village” located on the left side of paths that somehow manages to mix South American, North American and African indigenous peoples into one lump. This thing is so over-the-top you won’t quite know what to think. That said, I’ve actually seen similar “cultural exhibits” in the states that mixed together Korea, Japan, China, and most of South East Asia into one “Asian” group – so it’s a bit like that – completely offensive.

Apart from that speed bump, the cafe also excellent coffee where you can sit and discuss everything wrong with the “Indian Village” or the loveliness of the gardens and hilltop waterfall. We had expected them to just phone-it-in on the coffee but they didn’t. My espresso was excellent and my husbands macchiato was the closest thing we have seen to a traditional Italian version we’ve had in the countryside.

If we had kids we would come here regularly in the summer because of all the room to play and the lovely pool for them to play in. It’s awesome for them because the hike isn’t too difficult, the paths have tons of shade and places to rest, and there is an ice cream stand at the top of the hike.

There is an entrance fee (see photo below) but parking is free.