5 Places For Secondhand Furniture in Pyeongtaek

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Who has two thumbs and likes to save money? This girl. My Korea crew and I are always trying to find ways of shaving a few bucks off of what we need. Most of us do our home shopping at the apartments near our homes. We walk through on trash day and find home goods that are in great shape and being tossed. However, this doesn’t always cut it. Maybe we need it quickly, we need it to work (like for appliances), or it’s just not something being thrown away.

When that happens we turn to the second hand and recycling centers to fill the gaps. That’s right, THRIFT SHOPS BABY!!!!

1. Weekday Thrift Shop

If you need a little bit of everything brag a big old car and head here. They have quite a selection of furniture and appliances. They even have fancy rice cookers sometimes.

 2. Recycle City

This center is a great choice for those looking for furniture. It might not be the latest style, but it’s solid and functional at a great price.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads

3. Damoa Used Appliances

This particular joint focuses on appliances. Many of their options are almost like new.

4. Pyeongtaek Recycle Center
If you are looking for deals upon deals and fashion isn’t your top priority, then this is the place that you need to check out.
5. Frugal Shop
If you are near Osan AF Base then you will find this place a very helpful spot. Fill in the gaps in your house without breaking your wallet.

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