5 Places for Craft Beer In Pyeongtaek

Craft beer is never about drinking on a budget, especially when you live in Korea where it’s a brand new industry. Only a few years ago we often only had two or three choices of local brews and the rest just didn’t exist. Budlight and Miller were considered the fancy import beers.

During that time, the country was filled with expat bathroom brewers making delicious concoctions that shared with one another. It was like the wild west of alcohol. At our house, we used to make batches of Jamaican style ginger beer in kimchi pots that knocked us out after one glass. We don’t even want to know what the alcohol percentage was, but it sure tasted good. However, times they are a changing and we no longer need to mix our drinks like potions and sip them out of recycled bottles while telling stories of the last time we had a burrito. The world has come to Korea.

Pyeongtaek certainly hasn’t been left out of the new craft beer craze. Here are five craft beer pubs/bars worth checking out on your next night out. Remember, if you are trying to save money don’t drink craft beer. Go to the CU, grab a bottle of soju or makgeolli and do it right. These pubs are for when you want to wear your good shoes and be fancy for the night.

Craft Beer Market
Bijeondong Sosabol, Pyeongtaek

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Daily Beer
Bijeondong Sosabol, Pyeongtaek

4Frost Bar
Bijeondong Sosabol, Pyeongtaek

Portlandia Craft Beer
Bijeondong Sosabol, Pyeongtaek

64 Ally Tap House 64앨리스탭하우스
Pyeongtaek City, Pyeongtaek

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