5 MORE Indoor Activities

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Air quality can be less than stellar at times and many of us find ourselves feeling a bit stir-crazy at home. You want to get out and explore, but you don’t want to breathe the air outside or it’s too hot or too cold. We have some excellent solutions for burning off some extra energy. So grab your phone, make sure you have the South of Seoul app and Naver maps or Kakao Maps downloaded and get ready to go on some adventures.

1. Pink Tiger Game Room

The hottest new place in town has to be Pink Tiger because it’s undeniably awesome. It’s like the sampler platter of fun. Everyone can find something to do here so it’s perfect for families and friends alike (geared toward middle school and above). It’s honestly fun for everyone, but don’t just take our word for it. You can read Cilla Roman’s blog by clicking here. She took her kid there and had a blast. This is a MUST visit.

2. Indoor Tennis

Tennis lovers, or even those that just want to have fun, will find these indoor courts a great way to workout while avoiding the poor air quality or winter cold. Take out that excess energy by beating the crap out of a little ball with a racket.

3. Norae Bangs
A crowd favorite, of course, are the nori/norae bangs (karaoke in Japanese) that pepper the cities and towns. Nearly all of them have a solid catalog of English pop songs so you don’t need to worry about showing up and having nothing to sing. In Seosabol there is a lovely new norae bang called Ziller Zone Noraebang that people are loving. It’s a great space to start your singing adventures. 

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4. Indoor Baseball

We have indoor baseball facilities across Pyeongtaek and don’t really have a favorite. These spaces open in the late afternoon or evenings and are great alone or with a group. You can use the South of Seoul app to search for screen baseball zones and then choose the one that is closest to you.

5. Darts Prince

If singing and sports aren’t your things, you can always work on your darts game. This very fancy darts spot is an excellent place to go with friends. Once again, this is more of an evening activity. An excellent place for a group to go out after dinner and between drinks.

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