5 Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Pyeongtaek

For those in the know, there is a big difference between Japanese and Korean ramen/ramyeon. They are like night and day. In the South of Seoul app we refer to Japanese style as ramen and Korean style as ramyeon. This refers to the slightly different pronunciation between the languages. You can read more about it here.

For a very long time Pyeongtaek was nearly void of viable Japanese style ramen. However, like with everything else in the area, that’s no longer true. New places are popping up every few months. We now have at least 5 solid places to slurp on a big bowl of warm broth and noodles. We couldn’t be happier about this. Oddly, we haven’t found a clear favorite yet. Each ramen joint has a slightly different strength.

During winter, Japanese ramen can be an excellent way to warm up and most restaurants offer both non-spicy and spicy versions. A little something for everyone. Most of the restaurants also have English menus. If they don’t, just use the photo translate feature in your translation apps.

1. Hotto Hotto Ramen
Songtan near Osan AF Base
This is the newest addition to the ramen list and it’s good. Very good. They put a great deal of work into their soups and other dishes. This particular version is based on the Okinawa style. In addition to being delicious, it’s beautiful to look at.

2. Higashi Ramen
Pyeongtaek Tong Bok Market
Hidden between a Japanese snack bar and the board game pub, this little gem has some excellent noodles and a few tasty versions. We HIGHLY recommend searching this place out even though it can be hard to find. They have a variety of broth styles that differ from other shops and we have been happy with all we’ve tried.

3. Raku Raku
Pyeongtae City, AK Plaza Area
This has been a favorite in Pyeongtaek for awhile. A true neighborhood joint. The place is also super cute with tons of memorabilia and notes. Like all ramen joints in the city, there aren’t many seats. The owner is also really great. Our friend lost money on the floor and didn’t realize it. Another guest turned it in to the owner and he checked CCTV, saw it was my friend sitting in the seat, and when she came back many weeks later he gave it back to her. Basically, delicious food and great people.

4. Omoya
Songtan near Osan AF Base
This is sort of Japanese and sort of Korean style. It’s a little half and half but still enjoyable. They also have quite a few other things on the menu and more places to sit than many ramen shops. It’s a great place to go late at night with friends.

5. Japanese Ramen
Pyeongtaek City, AK Plaza Area
This is the most inconsistent of the ramen shops but it’s location makes it useful. When you are near Pyeongtaek Station, this is an affordable place to grab a simple lunch. They tend to be pretty quick with the orders as well, so you can be in and out. There are days it’s truly lovely and other days it’s just sort of O.K. On all days it’s better than fast food.
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