5 Awesome Indoor Activities

When winter rolls around it can be easy to just stay home and veg but that’s often not the best for your mental health. So what should you do when you are allergic to the cold? Don’t worry, you don’t need to put on a snowsuit and go play outside. Instead grab a friend and checkout some of the fun indoor activities available in your area. These fun little adventures will brighten your winter weary mood and give you something to look forward to during your down time. Here are 5 of our favorite indoor options.

1. Indoor Archery
Locations: Seojeongri, Sosabol, and Pyeongtaek City.
The new thing in town is indoor archery and it’s fun! The prices are affordable and they give you little lessons to get you started. This is a great way to begin your bow addiction. We have friends who tried archery for their birthday and a year later were entering competitions. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole with this one.

S.O.S. PICK: We go to Freddie’s archery in Seojeongri for a variety of reasons: 1) It’s near our house; 2) Freddie is an awesome part of the community and very involved with the foreigner community; and 3) Freddie speaks English and will make you feel comfortable. If you become instantly addicted to the sport, he also has ALL the hookups for gear and classes.

2. Fishing Cafes

You don’t have to sit out in the cold to go fishing this winter. Instead, grab some friends and go to a nice warm fishing cafe where you can compete in catch-and-release fishing competitions and even win prizes. Great fun for families. To learn more check out these additional resources on the topic:

3. Escape Room
Location: Pyeongtaek City
If you are interested in testing your detective skills, the Escape Room near AK Plaza has a variety of options for English speakers. Everyone who goes says it’s great fun. They are quite welcoming to English speaking guests so no need to feel uncomfortable. They even have the rooms summarized in English on their website. It’s also very easy to find since it’s directly out front of AK Plaza next to the bus stop. 
4. Roller Skating Rinks
Locations: Cheonan & Pyeongtaek

This year Pyeongtaek has it’s very own roller rink right near AK Plaza. Winter activities don’t get any warmer or more fun than this. The rink is small and you skate around pillars, but that just makes it more fun. This is the perfect thing for a Friday night with friends or for a family outing. Get some exercise and remember what it’s like to be a kid again.
5. Bowling
Locations: Songtan, Pyeongtaek City, Sosabol
Who doesn’t love a night out eating snacks and rolling some balls across the floor? Pyeongtaek has bowling alleys in almost every area of the city. We haven’t entered all of them, just the ones that we think foreigners will feel the most comfortable at. You could even start a bowling league with your friends.

S.O.S. PICK: Pyeongtaek has a variety of bowling options, but one of the nicest isn’t far from AK Plaza. Super clean with plenty of activities other than bowling for those that want to tag along with your friends, but aren’t feeling like gracing the lanes.

Seriously, don’t sit at home and be sad about winter. 
Get out there and have all the fun.

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