5 Awesome Easy Trips

1. Hiking at Mt. Songnisnan

Bus: Weekend trip
Car: Day trip
When you just want blue sky 
and fresh mountain air, 
without a lot of people and craziness,
go here.  
Actually, just go here.
It’s only a few hours drive
and it’s STUNNING.


2. Swimming at Mallipo Beach (Taean-gun)

Train: Weekend trip
Car: Day trip
This are is one of our favorite places to go. 
There are actually may beaches in this area,
but this is the easiest and fastest to find.
We go here twice a month and it never gets old.


3. Hiking Gyejokson. (Daejeon)

Train: Day trip
Car: Day trip
Sometimes we are just lazy,
and we went an easy hike 
with lots of places to rest.
That’s when we head to Gyejokson.
This path actually has varying levels of difficulty.
Sometimes we go over the mountain,
sometimes we go around the mountain.
Sometimes we just sit and do nothing,
eat ramen and go home.
You really can’t get to wrong.


4. Paragliding (Various locations)

Train: Day trip
Car: Day trip
What else do I need to say,
you get to go run off of mountains
and float about, then drink so beers.
What are you waiting for?
It must be done.


5. Swimming at Daecheon beach (Daecheon Coast)

Train: Day trip 
Car: Day trip
If you are going by train you can just go to Daecheon beach.
It’s very well developed because of Muddiest and most folks love it.
However, if you like something more quiet, go a few beaches further south.
Quiet, family oriented.  Great price on sashimi.  Delightful.