5 All You Can Eat Meat Buffets Under 15,000

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These restaurants aren’t about being fancy. It’s about getting the most bang for your buck (while consuming large amounts of cheap beer and soju).  They are a gift from the gods for all of us less-than-rich people. A good all-you-can eat meat restaurant can make you feel like a king while being   oh-so-kind to your pocket book.

These magical restaurants cost between 10,000 – 15,000 won per person (but you will need at least two people in order to be seated as they don’t allow eating alone). You can have all the delicious grilled meat you can muster, as well as sides. These places are often chains (brands) and are favorites with poor college students and foreign teachers on a budget.

Keep in mind, you aren’t going here for the epic quality and perfect service. You are going here because you are on a budget and you like to eat delicious things in abundance. Sometimes the french fries might be cold or the lettuce a little limp, but that doesn’t really matter after you have grilled your weight in samgupsal and/or galbi.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW before you go. Each all you can eat meat restaurant will have different rules that you need to go by. For example:

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  • Don’t waste food: Many will charge you a 10,000 fee for wasting meat or food, so be sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach.
  • Pay attention to time: Often “all you can eat” means all you can eat in an hour. Be sure to keep your eye on the clock and don’t stay too long. It’s basic politeness to keep them in business.
  • They will charge for ALL adults at the table: This is not where you want to go if you just ate and are tagging along with friends. It’s the rule that if you are sitting at the table, you will be on the bill.
  • Don’t expect a kid’s price, but ask if there is one: Sometimes kids are a different price, and sometimes they are not. Be sure to clarify if there is a difference between kid and adult cost if that is important to you.
With that… drum roll please… our top picks for all you can eat meat under 15,000 won per person. The restaurants mentioned are all listings in the South of Seoul app.

1. Free Cafe 
Seojeongri / Pyeongtaek

2. Ongteori Meat Restaurant 
Pyeongtaek City / Anjung Eup / Seojeongri

3. N Shabu
Pyeongtaek City

4. Sam67House

5. Dutum Galbi All You Can Eat 두툼갈비

This is NOT under 15,000 won per person, it’s under 20,000 won per person, and it’s all you can eat beef. The deal is too amazing not to mention. The restaurant is out in the countryside and completely worth the drive.