3 Foreign Style BBQ Joints in P-Taek

We all love Korean BBQ. It’s something we eat on a regular basis and love it just as much every time we do. However, sometimes homesickness overcomes us and we start to wish we could the tastes of home to keep us company. Thankfully Pyeongtaek has a few places to feed that expat BBQ feeling, and we aren’t talking places that have a BBQ sandwich in the menu. We are talking FOCUSED on BBQ.
Always remember that restaurants in foreign countries, no matter how hard they work will never be EXACTLY like your mom makes it or favorite restaurant makes it. There are issues with supply chains and staffing that will cause little hiccups here and there. Tiny things will be different and that’s ok. These restaurants can’t recreate our favorites, but they can help us remember so we can drift back to those places in our hearts. It’s a beautiful thing.
Somehow though, these three places have put in the hard work to get incredibly close the real thing. Like REALLY close.

Smoke Town BBQ
Paengseong (Near Brown Stone)

The newest kid in town – like JUST arrived – is Smoke Town. It’s hearty, smoky American style BBQ served served fancy platter style. Their big servings of meats and sides are served with a tangy, sweet BBQ sauce are a much needed addition to the areas food scene. Remember, if you are eating with a friend(s) you get the most bang for your buck.

When we ate there we grabbed pulled pork and brisket platter for two and tried all the sides. Loved them. I dug the coleslaw and my parter-in-crime was into the potato salad, but neither of us was unhappy with anything on the plank. Since we like sandwhiches, we did need to order extra bread which was 1,000won per 2 slices. For us it was worth it. You can also grab a craft beer or coke in a bottle which makes it all go down easier.

Braai Republic
(Near Camp Humphreys walking gate)

If you love lamb and chicken then you want to go check on Braai. They serve up fabulous South African style BBQ and are one of the most well reviewed and loved restaurants in the area. Their portions are hearty and the meat extremely tasty. We recommend the peri peri chicken, lamb chops, and ribs (and everything else really). Oh, and the sides here are also friggen amazeballs.

Braai is also more than just a BBQ joint, it’s also a place to hangout. If you are alone, go during dinner time, sit at the bar, and make new friends. They have solid beers on tap, nice wines, and the classic shots.

Support Local Businesses and Local Ads
Delivery & Pop Up

The first official US BBQ game in town was this hard working BBQ king who has a killer smoker and cares a lot about the wood he spokes with. JP doesn’t have a restaurant. He is too focused on the meat to bother wasting time on managing the insanity required for shop. Instead he does what he does best and offers catering for events, holiday specials, special orders and pop up days (which almost always sell out). If you can get your hands on some of this BBQ you are winning. We follow his social media to known we can order ours. We recommend following him on Facebook and Instagram to know when to place your orders for pick-up near Camp Humphreys or Osan AF Base.

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