3 Fall Korean Foods for Pumpkin Lovers with Pyeongtaek Locations

If you love pumpkin, Korea offers some fabulous dishes that you must try. These three Pyeongtaek offer all that pumpkin goodness and don’t miss out on Pumpkin duck.

  1. Hobak Shabu Shabu 호박샤브샤브
  2. Hobak-juk 호박죽
  3. Hobak-Ddeok 호박떡

Additional Blogs for Pumpkin Lovers

Hobak 호박 (Korean Pumpkin) holds the flavors of fall in its sweet and hearty tong 통 (container or body). Koreans use hobak in a variety of ways that those of us from the west may not be familiar with. There are three Korean hobak foods that I make sure to have every fall. The first is a favorite with everyone I meet and the following two might be an acquired taste but you should make an effort to at least try them while you are here.

Hobak Shabu Shabu 호박샤브샤브

One of our absolute favorite dishes is hobak shabu shabu and one of the best spots for it is right here in Pyeongtaek, Pumpkin Duck. Keep in mind, it’s not the only spot for pumpkin duck. We highly recommend reading the Pumpkin Duck blog and trying all of the options in the area. That said, the one that we go to the most is this one:

Pumpkin Duck Shabu Shabu

Pumpkin Duck Shabu Shabu5


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A wide variety of side dishes, excellent fresh greens, delicious pork, and duck roasted in pumpkin make this an area favorite.

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 장안웃길 56-70

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Hobak-juk 호박죽

If you are looking for some pumpkin soup, try the pumpkin-juk. The hobak is cooked down into a warm, thick right porridge that sticks to your ribs. This juk can be very sweet and tastes like a mix between a dessert and dinner. Sometimes it can be hard for me to finish an entire bowl by myself due to its richness. That is why I will often share it with a friend along with other meatier and more savory dishes. Check out the pumpkin-juk recipe by Kimchi Mari to learn exactly what goes into this perfect fall meal and then head out to try it in person at Old Fashioned Porridge and order danhobakjuk 단호박죽:

Old Fashioned Porridge

Old Fashioned Porridge0


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Traditionally made Korean porridge’s and soups. This is a very local establishment that does not cater to tourism. It’s very popular with the local community.

Hangul Address

경기 오산시 밀머리로1번길 2

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Hobak-Ddeok 호박떡

There a variety of types of hobak-ddeok which are Korean sweet treats made by mixing various forms of pumpkin with steamed rice. The mixture creates different types of sticky, sweet dessert-like food that’s perfect after a meal or eating for energy. I consider Hobak-ddeok the most delicious types of ddeok and I’m always looking for different versions.

Hobak-ddeok is certainly something you must try while living in South Korea but you might not like it at first. Hobak-ddeok doesn’t have a familiar texture or flavor that allows your brain to understand it easily. The brain usually needs a culinary comparison that it understands to truly fall in love with a food quickly. I had to try it a few times before I understood the flavors, but then it became something that I look forward to and search out. In Pyeongtaek this spot has as been recommended by local ddeok lovers:

In The Far Country Ddeok

In The Far Country Ddeok0


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Traditional rice cakes.

Hangul Address

경기 평택시 중앙1로 42

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Look for Hobak 호박 all around you!

Korea is truly wild about hobak and you will be able to find candies, soups, and drinks filled with this sweet delight. I recommend keeping your eyes out for all the unique and delicious pumpkin and share the information with other pumpkin lovers.

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