3 Best Budaejjigae Restaurants

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If you enjoy spicy, garlic-y, comfort food this is your jam. Budaejjigae (부대찌개), often translated into Soldier Stew, is a spicy meat stew originally made from base scraps during the Korean War. It is now a very popular, hearty meal very popular on cold or rainy days. In our house, it’s a huge favorite and we have tried it across Korea.

In the five years that we have searched for the perfect Budaejjigae, we have never found anything better than these three versions in Songtan.  Our top three choices are each uniquely delicious, but all share a richness in flavor that is hard to match.

김네집 (KimNaeJeep) – Walking distance from Osan Main Gate

The most popular place in Songtan is 김네집 located in a back ally just off the main shopping strip in Songtan. Just before the train tracks you go right and then take another right into an alley that looks like it couldn’t possibly be a delicious restaurant.

However, there is often a long line of people waiting to get it during lunch and dinner so go early if you want to be seated quickly. There are two floors, so just because downstairs is full doesn’t mean there is no seating.

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Address: 경기도 평택시 중앙시장로25번길 15
Street Address: 경기도 평택시 신장동 322-38
Phone Number: 031-666-3648
숯고개부대찌개 – Walking distance from Osan Main Gate
This is actually our favorite location because it has more garlic than most.  Its located on the main shopping strip in Songtan past the train tracks on the left across from the auction house. Once again, this restaurant has two floors so check upstairs for seats as well.

Street Address: 경기도 평택시 신장동 325-12Driving Address: 경기도 평택시 쇼핑로 39-1Telephone: 031-666-2768 

송탄최네집 부대찌개 – Walking distance from City Hall / Lotte Cinema
We love this version because it’s a little lighter than the first two and tastes very fresh. It’s nice in the summer when we feel like a little less garlic. The onions are also just delicious and a highlight. We have eaten a lot of Korean food so things like the quality of the onions stands out to us. They also have Dr. Pepper which is usual and a plus. You can see more photos on this Korean blog. This is a good location if you aren’t sure you are ready to go full garlic.

Address: 경기도 평택시 경기대로 1401 
Street Address: 서정동 779-3